Licensed, Bonded and Insured!

  • All of our carriers 100% fully comply with FMCSA and DOT regulations.
  • Cargo insurance from $100,000 to $1,000,000 depending on size of the truck.
  • No deductibles and 21-day or less claims resolution

All of our vehicle carriers and helpful brokers are pre-screened beforehand to ensure that you are in contact with only the most reputable companies in the industry. There are thousands of Department of Transportation (DOT) enlisted auto transport providers on the market. This is why here at Autos In Transit, we try our best to provide you with the safest, and most reputable auto transporters in the nation. We have preselected, our top auto transport companies that are ready to compete for your business.

Reasons to Transport a Car...

Reasons to Transport a Car
  1. Gasoline = $3.72/gal i.
  2. Oil & Fluid change = $30 to $40 ii.
  3. Fast Food = $20/day iii.
  4. Hotels = $90 to $150/night iv.
  5. Time off work = $158/day v.

National Auto Transport Services

If you landed here, then you are searching for the highest quality auto transport services. You may be asking yourself, "what sets Autos in Transit apart from everyone else?" The answer is simple, exclusivity. Here at Autos In Transit, where we do the work for you, have hand-selected, premium auto transport companies. You will only be dealing with the highest consumer rated carriers in the industry. When it comes to auto transport, our carriers are capable of moving any vehicle from coast to coast to anywhere in between. All of our carriers have intercontinental transport capabilities with 24-hour service and superior customer service. Hydraulic lift gate air compressed trailers are standard for most of our carriers.

Our attention to detail is guaranteed to supersede your expectations! We specialize in the auto transportation of cars, trucks and motorcycles, to and from auto auctions, i.e., Copart, Manheim and eBay online auction. Residential moves, buyers and/or sellers on eBay, and car dealerships are also in for savings up to 45% when using our auto transport services.

All it takes is 30 seconds of your time to fill out our auto transport quote generator, and you will receive quotes instantly from our personally selected auto transport carriers in regards to transporting your vehicle.

Open Auto Transport Services

Open Auto Transport ServiceDeciding on a auto carrier compared to driving the vehicle yourself is an easy decision. Autos in Transit will try to help you find the right carrier, at the right price by providing exactly what auto transport service you need.

"Transporting My Car Saved Me Time, Money, and Effort!"

We want to help guide you through your decision making process to fulfill your auto transport needs by explaining the many different services, and listing the pros and cons of each starting with our Open Auto Transport Service.

Door-to-Door Auto Transport Services

Door-To-Door Auto Transport ServiceAre you looking to have your car, truck, motorcycle or even RV shipped to your front door? First, you need to find out if the vehicle's location and destination qualify for this type of auto transport service. The door-to-door service has no loading and unloading of the vehicle or switching to other car carriers.

If you are looking for fast delivery, you may want to look into using a "Hotshot" car carrier. It's all good. We will explain what this means, and answer any questions you may have regarding our Door-To-Door Auto Transport Service.

Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Enclosed Auto Transport ServiceIf you are looking for the ultimate care in transporting your vehicle, our enclosed auto transport service is above and beyond any other in the industry.

Hard-sided and soft-sided enclosed carriers can transport up to eight vehicles depending on your specific needs.

Exotic cars, classics, concepts and even project cars, are our main priority as our Enclosed Auto Transport Service page explains all the benefits of enclosed auto transportation.

Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport Services

Terminal-To-Terminal Auto Transport ServicesAre you worried about additional fees such as storage costs adding to your auto transport quotes, and expect door-to-door delivery to be cheap auto transport?

Surprisingly, terminal to terminal auto transport service can sometimes be cheaper than door-to-door auto transport.

We list the reasons to help with this concern and more! We describe exactly how and why companies can do this for this type of service. Making a auto transport decision is tough, and we hope to help guide you through the entire decision making process.

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