Ahhh, the 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia!

Vehicle transport companies today are equipped to ship any automobile from your regular car to a vintage Ford model to the latest 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia. The only important thing for you is to choose an appropriate car hauling company that is experienced in vehicle transportation from state to state.

A professional auto transport company with proven expertise and a reputable track record of shipping a car from one state to another should be chosen, particularly when you are planning to ship an expensive vehicle. Many automobile moving companies are available at just one search on the Internet, but not all of them may have the capability to ensure safe and efficient delivery of your automobile.

The New Ferrari 458 Italia

This is an 8-cylinder, 2-seater model with a mid-rear mounted engine. It includes an aluminum retractable hardtop, which weighs 55 lbs lesser than a soft roof. The car features Formula One technology that was earlier applied to Ferrari 599 GTB and Ferrari 430. This technology is revealed in its super-fast gearbox and the paddle shifter. The engine of Ferrari 458 is more silent, the gears shift more smoothly, and the suspension is softer to make your drive more comfortable.

If you purchase this car from another state, you may require the services of professional auto shipping brokers to ensure safe and efficient transporting of the car from state to state. An enclosed car shipping carrier will be the best way to transport a car of this caliber, even if it costs more than an open auto transport service. You should know the basics of how to transport a car across country, and choose the right car transportation service to ensure smooth delivery.

Differentiated Features of Ferrari 458

In the 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia, the E-Diff and Trac control software are combined under the same ECU. This helps minimize the communication between the systems and enhances performance. The engine has been designed to achieve superior fuel economy without compromising on the performance. Minimization of fuel consumption is achieved through the HELE technique. The clutch and oil radiators are located in the tail and the air is fed from the top of the wings, using the aerodromic function.

Experienced car transportation services can be contacted to arrange the auto hauling of this new Ferrari model. You can look for such companies online through leading search engines such as Google. Perhaps the best hauling service for your needs would be a company that can arrange to send you the most competitive auto transport quotes
from different hauling companies, so that you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Pick up the Phone

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