2014 Acura MDX: Toeing the Line between Car & SUV

2014 Acura MDXAs experts on how to find the best auto shipping prices, we can talk about cars and SUVs all day long. We love to see when a new car breaks established standards and revolutionizes the industry. That level of innovation can be claimed by the 2014 MDX from Acura, which tests the boundaries of the sports utility vehicle and creates a driving experience like no other.

As Michael Jordan reports for Automobile Magazine, when he interviewed Honda engineer Jim Keller about the car, Keller kept mistakenly referring to the vehicle as a car rather than as an SUV. Jordan’s test-drive through parts of suburban and rural Oregon convinced him that it’s nothing like the typical SUV. The driving experience is more pleasurable, and it’s incredibly powerful. In short, Jordan called it “the perfect expression of the modern car.” In our business, with a particularly special and treasured car, it’s wise to use enclosed auto shipping to move the vehicle.

2014 MDX: Looks Inside & Outside

The new MDX, at first glance, bears much similarity to the 2013 version. It’s most noticeable outward difference is LED lights. The interior is more strikingly improved. The center console, rather than its old series of buttons, now features a touchscreen GUI (graphical user interface) to allow easier and more convenient interaction. Ease and convenience are important with car shipping as well. Although, finding reliability in auto shipping is of supreme importance.

The drivability of the MDX is reminiscent of the 2013 model year of the car. The feel on the road is not truck-like at all: it’s free of any jerkiness and gives a consistent sense of sturdiness and balance. The wheels have been optimized so that noisiness inside the MDX doesn’t prevent audibility on a phone call, even during heavy rain. On-the-road access, in other words, has been enhanced. We enhance access when people look into how state-to-state car transport works by giving you numerous carrier options (up to eight) at once.

Reviews of Cars and Car Shippers

Reviews allow consumers in the US a better and quicker sense of the most high-quality options on the market. The review of the 2014 Acura MDX serves this function for car buyers. At Autos In Transit, we recommend looking over auto shipping reviews so that you have a sense of the best in the business. We also pre-vet carriers for bonding, insurance, and DOT compliance. See the Free Quote box above.