Acceleration Defect in Ford Vehicles Generates Lawsuits

We help people who are seeking services to transport their automobiles all throughout the US. Due to our vast experience, we know well the needs and concerns of American car owners. Concerns tend to be especially strong when a vehicle seems to be operating unpredictably. For this reason, 20 vehicle owners from over a dozen states have brought a lawsuit against the American car manufacturer Ford.

Ford, the #2 carmaker in the US, is accused in the suit of producing cars for years that accelerate by themselves, without pedal depression by the driver. Faulty electronic throttle control systems are said to be the cause of operating errors in the vehicles. To avoid errors, the vehicle transport companies that partner with us bolster carrier safety via regular maintenance, which also ensures compliance with regulations established by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Cars Mentioned & Specific Argument

The suit lists three brands of vehicles: Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford. It asserts that two dozen cars are affected, including the Ford F-series, Mercury Cougar, and Lincoln Town Car. Model years range from 2002—2010. Owners of all these vehicles regularly book shipping through our site, and transport enclosure is used when our customers are particularly concerned about safety and security.

Regarding the specific argument made in the suit, the legal team states that the automobiles should have had better safeguards in place – such as technology to override the brakes. For shipping of Fords and other cars, we have another safeguard available for those customers who want to diminish the amount of time the car is in transporter possession: direct automobile transport between doors, as opposed to between storage terminals.

Damages According to Car Owner Attorneys

According to the lawyers representing the owners of the cars, the affected individuals seek financial settlements to make up for the purchase of defective vehicles. Per the litigators, the plaintiffs would not have bought cars they had known contained the operative dysfunctions, at least not at the prices they paid.

Price is also a primary consideration when a vehicle owner looks at transporting a car between two states. Efficiency and credibility are important to vehicle owners too, though. We combine all of these elements for an ideal car transport experience. We generate up to 8 quotes for anyone using our service: pre-vetted firms that have been our partners for 2+ decades. If you need transport now, just fill out the form at the top left, or call us for assistance.