Five Affordable Vintage Cars

At Autos In Transit, we specialize broadly in the car shipping industry, finding the highest-quality companies for our customers. Because that’s our day-to-day reality, we know that classic cars and trucks often need transport to car shows or to avoid logging miles. We are also well aware that prices on classic cars can be prohibitive for many consumers.

Squeezing Your DollarsMuch like the art world, discussion of classic cars typically centers on the unattainable models that sell for over $100,000. Of course, that’s just one end of the spectrum. Many vintage automobiles can be yours for just a few thousand dollars. Five of them are highlighted below. Regardless the purchase price of a collectible car, when owners seek to transport classic vehicles securely over long distances, they choose a licensed, bonded, and DOT-compliant carrier.

Five great cheap classic cars

Though many of the more affordable classic car models have just made their way into that category (late-model classic cars, if you will), the ones listed below are enjoyable to view, drive, and maintain. Note that for any of these models, nationwide transport should be conducted by services using enclosed trailers to prevent any damage.

  1. Ford Mustang (1985-93): This version of the Mustang (its second complete redesign) originated in the late 70’s. However, a couple of adjustments in the mid-80’s boosted the car over 200 horses – lots of power for a car that isn’t too heavy.
  2. Ford Bronco (1966-77): This rugged all-terrain model immediately brings to mind the Jeep. Of the cars mentioned here, the Bronco is the most likely to break the $10,000 threshold. Watch out for corrosion. Speaking of corrosion, in shipping, some carriers lose their luster over time as well. Check recent reviews of auto shippers to guarantee safe passage.
  3. Chevrolet Corvair Corsa (1965-69): This car was panned by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, branding the vehicle with a negative reputation for safety. However, you can affordably customize the car to optimize its road-readiness.
  4. Porsche 944 (1983-91): This automaker’s cars are not cheap to maintain, but you can find great deals on a front-engine Porsche. In contrast, some rear-engine Porsches have tripled in cost in the last half-decade.
  5. Chevrolet Corvette (1976): These cars were negatively reviewed for a decrease in power. The fact is, it’s still a Corvette, and it’s still fast.

Collectible cars & reliable transport services

Autos In Transit can deliver a car between storage facilities (“terminal transport,” more affordable) or exact addresses (“door transport,” more efficient). Typically collectors prefer services that provide the latter: direct, door-to-door transport. Either way, if you need shipping, we make it easy with up to eight quotes to choose from. Get started at the top of this page.