Apple’s Siri Voice Heard in Cars?!

A partnership between Chevrolet and Apple could mean a safer drive for many current Apple customers. Apple Siri is being built into the functionality of two Chevy cars – Spark and Sonic – to allow drivers the hands-free functionality of Siri via the car’s MyLink system. For safe and reliable transport of a vehicle cross-country, individuals and businesses seek online information and guides to assist in their decisions.

Siri: A Brief History

Originally an app built by a private company to function on Apple devices and with plans to expand to Android and Blackberry, the Siri program — and its company Siri, Inc. — were purchased by Apple in the spring of 2010. Apple then implemented the software — a voice-activated personal assistant fully integrated with iOS on iPads and iPhones — on its 4S model, as the standout new feature for that version of the phone. It has appeared on new iPads as well.

All in the Details

It is noteworthy than Siri will not be completely embedded in the car’s electronic system. Maybe that’s a development we will see down the line, but for now, access is only via MyLink. Connecting an iPhone running on the iOS 6 operating system to the vehicle allows a driver to use maps, set calendar notices, text-message contacts, and retrieve information on exact coordinates of nearby services – such as gas stations.

All these tasks can be performed without verifying that the phone is “live” – Siri operates even if the phone is sleeping. Ease of use is important to folks who want to find information on auto transporters too, whether looking for services in California or in New York or anywhere in between.

Music & Lighting

Additionally all music in the iPhone will be fully accessible and searchable by voice. This capability will perhaps be most exciting to many of its users, allowing the selection of a track from an extensive music library by speaking a simple request to the car. Also the phone’s screen will stay darkened throughout its period plugged in to the vehicle so that it doesn’t divert the driver’s attention. Comfort and focus are two key aspects people consider when choosing a company to transport a vehicle from Texas or from Florida to any location in the United States.

Our Company

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