Aquaman Gets a New Ride?

As we continue with the news of how automaker Kia, went ahead and provided some of their well known models to help in creating the Justice League of Heroes car collection, we will briefly look at the next car that was built, the 2012 Kia “Aquaman” Rio.

Kia Rio as Aquaman!

Prepping for the Build

Now most of us out there who are familiar with the Justice League would never think that somehow you can match Aquaman to a Kia Rio. Apparently somebody did, and they immediately put in orders to have a 2012 Rio shipped to their build location. Like in the last, if not all of the projects, priority number one was to find a trustworthy company that would be willing to ship this car to all of its locations, while keeping it under wraps, [enclosed auto shipping] and most importantly, do it all for a great all around price.

Aquaman’s Interior

Aquaman's Interior

The Aquaman Rio was first stripped of all its interior parts, and then sanded down, so that the new custom paint job could be laid down on it. After disassembly, it was then sent to the painter, who then painstakingly and meticulously painted the body, and then air-brushed all of the graphic details that you see here. It was speculated that over 200 hours was spent on the exterior alone. Once done, the Rio had to head to the upholsterers where the custom Yellow & Green leather interior was to be set in place. As this step took place, the custom painted Fiber Glass pieces were installed to help in developing the theme of this car.

Aquaman’s Exterior

Aquaman's Exterior

Next up for the build, Kia found the perfect set of wheels to match this car. A set of 20” Asanti Wheels were painted Black, and then the lips of the wheel were color matched to the exterior paint job. The wheels are wrapped in Continental tires for extra grip on the roads.

With the car pretty much completed, Kia now had to find a new towing company that had a great track record for safely delivering high end cars to just about anywhere in the country. Once found, Kia’s new Aquaman Rio was then brought to this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.