Almost Half a Million 2013 Ford Cars Recalled

Since we are the top provider of services shipping automobiles in the United States, we pay close attention to all the goings-on in the car industry. Safety concerns are of special interest to us, because that is so important to all our clients. We saw recently in the Wall Street Journal that American automaker Ford […]

UK Union Study Finds Most Commute by Car

As the most efficient and reliable source to find the best car transporter, we read and study auto news in the US and worldwide. One recent report that caught our attention was news about the high usage of cars in the UK for those going to and from their workplaces (as opposed to walking or […]

Vintage Car Owner Builds Levers Using 3D Printing

We always like to hear about new developments in the automotive world, because it makes us better at providing services to transport cars. It’s not just knowledge-building for us as businesspeople but exciting for us as consumers to see new technologies changing the world. One recent example arrives from instructables (an innovation-sharing site originally based […]

Snags Complicate Police Transition
to New Technology

As the nation’s top source for affordable automotive transport, we watch the news for anything related to our industry. Any time new designs or innovative technologies are released, we want to be among the first to know: it both enhances our business perspectives and fascinates us as consumers. Implementation, though, is not always easy. An […]

Luxury Auto Scam & Fire Investigated in Thailand

Our car shipping business, specializing in enclosed car transport for luxury and collector cars, operates in the United States (and to Canadian origination and destination points). Nonetheless, we stay abreast of worldwide automotive developments, such as the report that Thailand governmental officials have been implicated in an effort to keep high-end cars off the government […]

Kia Infuses FIFA Soccer Tournament
with Almost 200 Cars

As the top source for those researching how to transport cars in the United States, Autos In Transit keeps up with all late-breaking automotive news and information, not just nationwide but globally. One aspect of the industry related specifically to automakers is the promotion of vehicles through sports events, such as Kia’s recent efforts at […]

Car Seller Lobbies the President for $32.4k Price Tag

As a leading company in the automotive shipping segment, we appreciate various perspectives throughout the car industry. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as we’d like for our voices to be heard. One car sales professional has decided he will do whatever it takes to bend President Obama’s ear: he’s paying over 30 grand to […]

Ram 1500 Wins 3rd All-Star Award in 4 Years

As one of the top services for the transport of Ram trucks and general advocate of vehicle transporters around the United States, we take in a wide range of information related to the automotive industry every week. We are both personally and professionally interested when a car gets an accolade or any other recognition of […]

Government Agency Speaks Out
About Self-Driving Car

As the top service in the US transporting cars, we pay attention to all aspects of the car industry. New technologies can be exciting but can also prove difficult as new safety concerns arise. Perhaps the primary example of the nexus between progress and safety is the self-driving, or automated, car – previously legalized in […]

Chevrolet Spark Ranking High on KBB

As the top source consumers choose when looking for a price on car transport, we keep track of the general automotive industry. This process allows us to better understand our role within the marketplace, as well as to better appreciate the cars we ship. One vehicle that has received tremendous ratings on Kelley Blue Book […]