Tesla Motors: The Rebirth of the Electric Car

The electric car was “killed off” by Chevrolet many years ago, however, the trend for “Going Green” has brought it back with a vengeance. The first company to add style to the electric car was Tesla Motors. Tesla released the Tesla Roadster which would get up to 245 miles per charge with a speedy 0 […]

Snowbirds Auto Transport Their Cars Back Home to Save Time, Money & Effort

Transporting a car from Florida to the northern states may be a tough task during snowbird season. Lucky for you, here at Autos In Transit, we specialize in snowbirds auto transport. Our main agenda is to assist snowbirds auto transport their cars back to their summer homes during the months of March through May. We […]

Looking for Cheap Auto Transport? Then Be Smart About It!

This article will serve as a helpful tool in your cheap auto transport search. Sometimes in life, you stumble upon bargains that are too good to be true, and usually end up being just that. The quality of the deal ends up being less than expected or originally promised. You can apply the same adage […]

The Exact Process In How To Transport A Car

If it is your first time shipping, wanting to know how to transport a car is obviously an understatement. You can get lost in the overflow of information found on the internet, and it is hard to siphon through the non-sense. We will fix that by providing a simple step-by-step list of how to transport […]

Auto Shipping Industry & The People Behind It

The auto shipping industry is a well oiled machine built on the vigorous work of three different types of entities. It all starts with the auto shipping lead generation websites monitored by licensed and insured auto shipping brokers finally ending up with DOT regulated auto shipping carriers. Each one of these entities can be considered […]

Snowbirds Auto Transport Cars To Florida Utilizing These Tips!

It’s that time of the year again! As the frigid air begins to settle in the north, people pack their bags, and head south for the winter months. Every year we help many snowbirds auto transport their cars to Florida or another southbound destination. Some of the most common states where snowbirds auto transport are […]

Auto Transport Brokers:
The Untruthful, Backstabbing Scams!

You may not understand why it is absolutely necessary to use auto transport brokers to find you auto transport quotes. Some auto transport companies fail to admit both auto transport carriers and brokers collaborate with one another to provide you with auto transport services. They must make an effort to create a positive auto transport […]

Benefits to Enclosed Auto Transport vs.
Open Car Shipping

Autos In Transit wants to help you become more knowledgeable of the auto shipping industry by providing helpful auto transport & car shipping news and tips. You may be surprised to learn it is cheaper to transport a car on an open car carrier versus an enclosed car carrier. On the other hand, the cost […]