Auto sales rise 17% year-over-year in August

Sales Are Up!Because we are in the car business – providing competitive quotes to people looking for the best auto shipping prices from high-quality carriers – we pay close attention to automotive sales. Right now, car sales are at the top of the list of business news generally because it’s such an incredibly positive subject: revenue at dealerships has been booming throughout the summer.

Comparing the numbers of August 2013 to August 2012, the figures were up 17%. That number applies to what’s called “light-duty vehicles,” which includes all consumer cars and trucks and smaller commercial trucks. The annualized figure – the number attained by multiplying the monthly volume by 12 – topped 16 million, the highest it’s been in almost 6 years.

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Holiday weekend & single-unit sales

Granted, part of what made August’s results so impressive was the way the days fell on the calendar. August 31 was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, when sales brought in many customers. Holidays and seasons have major impacts on many industries. For us, the spring and fall are particularly busy seasons because snowbirds are shipping their automobiles north or south between homes.

Beyond categorizing by automaker, model, and segment (luxury sedan, SUV, compact, etc.), car sales are divided into fleet and single-unit – a.k.a. individual – sales. Individual sales figures were ascending during August (accounting for about 9 out of every 10 units). In segments, compact and subcompact cars and sizable pickups (many of them for construction projects) remained exceptionally strong.

The average ticket price per vehicle also rose significantly over last year’s number. When people pay more for a car, they tend to care for it better as well; for example, when shipping, they use a service that transports the car directly between doors (as opposed to storage-facility or “terminal” delivery).

Increases for Japanese & American carmakers

Japanese carmakers in particular were excelling during the month of August: Honda, Toyota, and Nissan were all up over 20%. Meanwhile, Subaru had a huge upswing of 45%. American companies had big gains as well: GM was up 15%, and Chrysler and Ford both saw gains of 12%.

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