Auto shipping to Los Angeles

Since we transport so many vehicles to California, we are well aware of all the challenges drivers in LA and other areas of the state face each day. Not only are we in the automotive business ourselves, servicing thousands of customers on the West Coast and around the United States; we also are on the road ourselves every day of the week – providing shipping services for vehicle owners, online vehicle buyers, and anyone else moving a car.

Heavy Snow Strands Drivers, Including Us

Los Angeles’ CBS affiliate reported recently on 100+ drivers whose cars were stuck in snowfall that had rendered California 58 virtually impassable in Bishop. The road was closed momentarily, with snowplows being quickly deployed to the area to attempt to make it safe and clear for vehicles to use the highway as an alternative to the Grapevine. The latter road was kept open since it is such a lifeblood for regional transit.

As a trusted American auto transporter, when Los Angeles and California roads become impassable, we have a difficult decision to make. We can either proceed and hit our ETA, or stay in place and wait for the storm to quell. Due to safety, weather sometimes trumps our schedule projections.

Weather is especially challenging for us because we are entrusted by some of the vehicle transport industry’s biggest names. Our role is that of connection, making it easier for those seeking to find reasonable online quotes by cross-comparing various transport options.

Grapevine Alternative Closed & Grapevine Considered

Highway 58 is used by those in Bishop and the surrounding area as an alternative roadway to the Grapevine, to avoid the congestion and dangers that accompany it. Unfortunately, relatively smaller roadways such as 58 are often not a safe during storms because plows tend to hit the highest-volume thoroughfares first.

However, the effects of this strong winter storm on the roadways were quickly becoming unmanageable. Because of this, in addition to Route 58, the California Highway Patrol considered closing portions of Interstate 5, including the Grapevine. Snow was not the only problem. Wind gusts of 60 miles an hour were reported.

Regarding the snow, those at lower elevations were less susceptible to the impact of the storm. At 3000 feet, expectations were only up to 6 inches; whereas at 4500 feet and above, expectations went as high as 10 inches. Since our company and its affiliates travel the roads so frequently throughout the year, we always consider altitude for our winter routes, avoiding mountainous regions whenever possible.