How an Auto Show in New Jersey Relates to Auto Transport

The Tri-State International Auto Show recently took place in Sussex County, New Jersey. The car show is clearly becoming more prominent. Visitors to the event were able to see over two hundred cars, some of which were being unveiled for the first time in that region of the country. The newest version of the Forester, for instance, a Subaru model, appeared for the first time in public in the Northeastern United States at the event.

Tri-State International Auto Show

Transport to Auto Shows

Whenever an auto show takes place, cars need to be transported to the show – often from far-off locations. The reason vehicle shipping is required is because, as you may guess, these events are opportunities for the carmakers to show off their stuff to a wide audience. The shows are also great opportunities to bring in the automotive media for unveilings – whether on a regional, national, or international level.

Relaxed Environment to Window-Shop

The event has been active for almost 30 years, and it usually draws about 10,000 people. The reason folks like these events is because it gives them an opportunity to look at all the different aspects of the newest and most impressive automobiles without having to go around to a bunch of different dealerships – informative window-shopping under one roof, essentially.

Because of the large attendance and the no-pressure environment it provides (no salespeople, just displays), people are able to enjoy the various models in a relaxed manner. Still, the cars need to look their best. Automakers and dealerships (and sometimes individuals) presenting their cars at these events look on the Internet for quote comparison. They also want to find the best possible organizations to hire – and for that reason, they look over customer and business descriptions of shipping services.

Community-Friendly Approach

Another reason the car show is so popular is because it has a nonprofit function: the Rockland Community College Foundation – a scholarship wing of a local academic institution – receives a portion of funds generated by the event.

Friendliness is appreciated with vehicle transport as well, of course, as in any industry. Customer service is one of the most important factors that folks who are shipping vehicles to these types of events will consider when choosing a company to get their vehicle efficiently and cost-effectively to the show.

Friendly & Service-Oriented

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