Auto Transport, Bad Weather & Vehicular Accidents

People often think of car accidents as occurring between two vehicles, with one of the parties being clearly negligent – running a stop light, for instance. However, inclement weather is often the sole or a contributing factor for car accidents on America’s roadways. For instance, a snowstorm in Virginia covered by the local WTVR news station recently led to hundreds of accidents involving one or multiple vehicles.

Car Transport: A Safe Alternative

Multiple transport options can help individual drivers avoid accidents of all types – such as those caused by heavy snowfall. For one reason, the driving is conducted by a professionally trained driver whose company does not want him or her on the road when the conditions are treacherous. Also, the owner of the vehicle (whether a business or an individual) gets to avoid all possibilities of auto wrecks by hiring a company to perform the dangerous activity of driving.

Example: Hit and Run

One example of an accident that can happen in any type of weather is a hit and run. During the Virginia snowstorm, a woman had to get her vehicle towed because another driver ran her off the road, then sped away.

Hit-and-run accidents can obviously cause bodily injury, but there is another peril involved with them as well. With any accident, insurance can help pay for the damages. With a hit-and-run, the negligent driver flees the scene. Hence, their insurance company is not going to pick up any of the tab. It’s also impossible to sue the driver in court. Headaches such as these can be avoided by having a state-to-state transporter company.

Finances, Accidents, and Auto Transport

Due to the prevalence of automobile crashes in the United States, such as those caused by poor weather conditions, the financial burden on individuals can be tremendous. One category of vehicle shipping which individuals can use to professionally move a car is direct shipping – this is in contrast to terminal to terminal transport. Using this service can actually reduce the risk of financial loss.

Specifically in poor weather, it can be a good idea to ship a vehicle covered rather than on an open truck. This method allows the car to be protected from the elements just the same as if it were in a garage. Shipping in this manner, though more expensive than open transport, also reduces financial risk by enhancing the vehicle’s protection.

Finding Quality at the Right Price

Since finances are always a factor when looking at a service, regardless of the dangers associated with driving, people will often choose to drive their vehicle a long-distance – even in dangerous weather conditions. Reducing the cost of shipping, then, is crucial. That is where our company comes in. We compare quotes between various companies and find you viable options. For an instant quote, fill out the form or call us for assistance at (800) 595-2062.