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I was nervous when I first started looking for a company to transport my car. I then called Autos In Transit and spoke with Nick over the phone. Nick let me know that I was going to get six to eight different quotes and to chose the company that made me feel most comfortable. I did exactly that and found a great price. Transporting my car saved me time, money, and effort!

I used Autos In Transit’s quote box to get a quote. I didn’t know that my info was going to more companies, but i’m glad it did because I got a good rate and everyone was honest and polite. I input my information on Monday afternoon and my car was picked up that Wednesday. I will use these guys again in the future.

I was searching on Google for a company to transport my car. I called Autos In Transit and spoke with Nick. He informed me it was after hours, but he took my info down anyway. I never moved a car before, so he explained how the general process works and told me that his company only generates leads and i will get my quotes by noon the next day. I got all my quotes the following day by noon PST, which is what he said would happen. I ended up having the vehicle picked up a few days later. Thanks for info and your help.

I input my info into the quote box after I glanced over some of the website. I never transported my car before so I wanted to make sure that I was going to not have any issues. I was contacted by 6 different companies by email and phone. All the companies sounded great, but I did chose the one that put me at ease the most. My car was picked up on the exact day I requested and delivered it a day early. I will come to this site again because I know my car will be taken care of.

My wife and I were moving to Atlanta and we needed to have one of our cars transported. I called a few companies, but no one answered the phone. Then I called Autos In Transit and spoke with Nick. He took my information down and let me know that some of the top transporters in the country were going to email me and call me. I got 6 emails and 4 calls and every company seemed great. I was impressed by the professionalism from each company. I chose a company because they were located in Atlanta and everything went smooth.
Thank you,

I was searching for a company to transport my vehicle. Went to a website and I got 10 quotes. I picked a company from there and after a week they still didn’t get it picked up. I searched again and found Autos In Transit. I spoke with Nick on the phone and he assured me that the companies he was providing my information to were some of the best companies in the US. He even told me not to go for a quote less a certain price because it wouldn’t get moved. I got 8 responses and I chose one company because of their presentation over the phone. They had it picked up the next day and delivered as scheduled. I want to thank Nick at Autos In Transit for taking the time to explain everything to me and get it done as he said the companies would.

I searched to have my car transported from Atlanta, GA to Seattle, WA. I came across Autos In Transit on Google and put my info into the quote form. Throughout the day I got responses from six companies. I picked one of the companies because of the price. It wasn’t the lowest and it wasn’t the highest. It was picked up on time and delivered on time as well. I am just happy there are still upstanding companies online still.

My name is Ruth. I had my son go online for me and give me a phone number to call to have my car shipping from Naples, FL to Boston, MA. I called Autos In Transit and the person I spoke with took my info down and told me I would get 4 premium quotes for this transport. Within the hour I got all for phone calls. I ended up picking the third call because he sounded nice and honest on the phone and walked me through how the processed worked. I am happy that I got a few separate quotes and happy about my entire experience.
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