Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Enclosed Auto Transport ServicesThinking about shipping a car, truck or motorcycle in an enclosed auto transport carrier, and want to understand the benefits to using this auto transport service?

We can help you with the decision of choosing this type of auto transport quote by explaining the benefits of our enclosed auto transport services. There are three key factors that should impact your decision making process: 1) the condition of your vehicle, 2) the distance to its final destination and 3) the weather the vehicle is transported through.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Condition With This Service!

The condition of your vehicle should weigh heavily into your auto transport decision making process. An enclosed auto transport carrier protects vintage or classic cars, exotic sports cars, showcase cars, etc. from possibly damaging their original paint job. Our enclosed auto transport carriers have experience with these highly valued vehicles, and take the necessary steps of ensuring the security and protection of your vehicle throughout the entire shipping process. If you feel your baby is valuable, this is definitely a no brainer!

Secure Your Vehicle from Outside Elements!

Enclosed Auto Transport ServiceThe destination of your vehicle should also weigh in on your auto shipping decision making process. If you are shipping your vehicle great distances, make sure to keep in mind predictable or even unpredictable weather conditions such as storms with hail, sleet or snow. Increasing the distance your car is shipped also increases the risk of damage from road debris. An enclosed carrier protects your vehicle from road debris kicked up from on-coming and on-going traffic. Sometimes people do not realize the rocks, nails, sand or dirt tires collect, and often fire back to the vehicles behind it.

Not to mention the leaky fluids or loose items falling from other cars on the auto transport carrier. This is why we offer enclosed auto transport service in non-stacking trailers that only transport up to eight vehicles. We can’t have any fluids leaking out all over your vehicle from a stacked auto transporter now, can we? We didn’t think so either.

Protect Your Vehicle with Enclosed Auto Transport Services!

Enclosed auto transport services provide maximum protection from all those outside elements as we offer both soft-sided and hard-sided enclosed carriers. These carriers do not haul as many vehicles as the open auto transport carriers. You will find enclosed auto transport services will cost more for the additional protection.

Special requests? We can meet them!

  • Climate controlled air ride trailers with advanced lift-gates
  • Independent Articulating Racks
  • State of the art Satellite tracking system
  • Antique, vintage and racecar transportation
  • Secure customized soft straps

Additional Auto Transport Services

We List the Entire Process of Transporting a Car!

As we continue to ensure we provide you with as much knowledge of the auto shipping industry as possible, we would like to direct you to our How To Transport A Car article to become aware of the actual process in transporting a car. This article goes over the steps taken from the time you enter your shipping information into the quote generator to the time your vehicle arrives.

If you have any further questions about our enclosed auto transport service, please visit our FAQ page or simply contact a representative from our Live Support directly at (800) 595-2062.