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Open Auto Transport Services

Open Auto Transport ServiceAn open auto transport carrier is cheaper than an enclosed auto transport carrier, however, this service has a higher risk of dings, scratches and dents from all kinds of road debris kicked up from tires from on-coming or on-going traffic. It is basically traveling down the highway just as if you were inside the vehicle driving it. Open auto transport is done by loading your vehicle on a double-decker car carrier, similar to the ones you see on the highway. They are also susceptible to weather elements such as hail, sleet or snow. Not to mention leaky fluids and other items falling from vehicles stacked above.

Premium Open Auto Transport Service Method

There is a premium method of open auto transport that most carriers call “Top Load”. You may ask the auto shipping company you are in contact with about this option. Keep in mind, your vehicle is still exposed to the road and weather elements, but obviously has a much smaller risk to leaky fluids and any other items falling from other vehicles.

For Short Distances and Quick Delivery

Open Auto Transport Service - HotshotA single level car carrier is another type of an open carrier. If you are looking to have your vehicle delivered as quickly as possible then this is the carrier for you. These are flatbed trailers designed to haul up to three cars, and are an excellent choice for SUVs, trucks, modified cars and even RVs. If your car is lowered, has larger tires that are not stock, or any other modifications you will need to strongly consider using this type of car carrier. These “Hotshot” auto carriers take less cars, and are most likely to be able to hit tighter deadlines as they have quicker turnarounds. Consider a single level car carrier if your vehicle is traveling short distances, needs to be picked up and delivered quickly, or has any aftermarket modifications mentioned above.

Additional Auto Transport Services

Learn the Process In Transporting a Vehicle

We always want to help you find the right auto transport quote that benefits you the most. Before making a final decision, visit our How To Transport A Car article to become aware of the actual process in transporting a car. We simply list the steps taken from the time you enter your information into the quote generator to the time your vehicle is delivered.

If you have any further questions about our open auto transport services, please visit our FAQ page or simply contact a representative from our Live Support directly at (800) 595-2062.