Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport Services

Terminal To Terminal Auto Transport ServicesIn order to understand auto transport companies, and their terminal to terminal auto transport services, let us explain what a terminal actual is. A terminal is a storage facility or a giant, safe and secure parking lot. Kind of like the one you see pictured to the left, i.e., airport terminal parking or even a tow truck company’s parking lot.

You will have the option to drop your vehicle off at the terminal where it will be stored until the driver can come load it for delivery. Storage terminals can be an excellent way to make your auto transport experience completely hassle free, and may be even cheaper than having the vehicle delivered directly to your house using door to door auto transport.

This Auto Transport Service May Be the Only Option!

If you are having the vehicle picked up or delivered to a big city, i.e., Los Angeles, California, then it is required to use the terminal to terminal auto transport service. It is extremely difficult for any driver to maneuver huge, 70 feet long auto transport carriers into these areas.

Benefit Yourself by Scheduling for a Specific Date and Time

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport ServiceThe benefit to terminal to terminal auto transport services is the vehicle can be dropped off and picked up on a specific date and time you have set. Once the auto transport carrier picks up your vehicle, it will be shipped to another terminal for you or someone else to pick up. If you are unable to drive the vehicle to the terminal yourself, try hiring a tow truck company to do that for you.

You may be crunched for time, and cannot find a auto transport carrier to pick your car up on a certain date. If this is the case, it makes sense to use this type of service which allows you to drop off your vehicle to be stored until the actual auto transport carrier pick up date. Keep in mind, you may accrue additional storage charges, other than the one-time fee, if you store your vehicle multiple days at the terminal. If this happens, you may be paying more for this service than originally thought.

Discount Auto Transport Prices!

Terminal to terminal auto transport services can be less expensive than door to door auto transport services because they transport high-volumes, consolidating those auto shipments on carriers going to the same region. If you are willing and have the flexibility to drive the vehicle to the terminal, it can save you money. The downside of getting a discounted price is that your vehicle may sit outside, exposed for days to the outdoor elements while waiting for a consolidated shipment. If you do not mind this and a little of the leg work then our terminal to terminal auto transport services is the right choice for you.

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Get to Know the Entire Process of Transporting a Car!

Are you thinking about what exactly happens after submitting your auto transport information into our auto transport quote generator? Visit our How To Transport A Car article to become knowledgeable of the actual process in transporting a car. We list the steps that happen from the time you enter your information to the time your vehicle is back to you or the person you are shipping it to.

If you have any further questions, please contact your auto transporter regarding their terminal to terminal auto transport services. They will be more familiar with the process specific to their services. A terminal representative will contact you once the car transport carrier has delivered your car. You may also visit our FAQ page or simply contact a representative from our Live Support directly at (800) 595-2062.