Auto Transport to California

Our company transports thousands of vehicles throughout the United States, and California is one of our biggest markets. Every day we pick up and deliver cars and trucks from exact locations and predetermined terminals (storage facilities) in California, driving them between locations all around the United States. The number of positive comments we receive online gives credence to our belief that we’re the best in the business.

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When submitting your information through our quote form to your left or calling us at (800) 595-2062, we’ll provide from 6 to 8 quotes regarding your specific route. You can choose to save money by shipping it on a regular carrier. If you vehicle is valuable to you, have it transported in an enclosed carrier like Kit’s. Get a quote now by entering the shipment information to your left!

Transporting Cars Even Through Snow

During a recent snowstorm, a portion of State Highway 58 that runs through Kern County was closed, derailing the plans of many individuals and businesses. We and others in the vehicle shipping industry were negatively impacted as well. We were unable to route our trucks along Highway 58 and had to make detours and delays to avoid the nasty weather conditions.

California Highway Patrol Involvement

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) had two primary responsibilities related to the snowstorm. One was determining when to open and close sections of road. The other was seeking rescue for trapped vehicles that were stuck in the snow and unable to move.

Transporting cars nationwide, like any shipping service, is about reliability – so it is always frustrating when inclement weather prevents us from operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We are well aware that customers have paid good money and that price matters, so we allow our customers to compare multiple quotes through our online portal. We are also aware that auto transport customers have many options to choose from, so we always strive to maintain as consistent a schedule as we possibly can.

Blizzard Conditions

California 58 was closed due in part to forecasts established by the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS predicted that due to an aggressive storm front, accumulated snow could reach 10 inches in areas with elevation upwards of 4000 feet. High winds were also expected to continue and potentially increase. Visibility was expected to be minimal, possibly becoming nonexistent, adding to the danger.

Highway Patrol Announcement & Difficulties

The CHP announced that the road was shut down because it had been deemed impassable. Safe driving could no longer be reasonably executed.

The CHP was having its own difficulties getting from place to place in the terrible conditions to identify and rescue travelers whose vehicles had become immovable. Due to these difficulties, the number of drivers in stranded cars throughout the area was not known to the agency until the blizzard had run its course.

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