Auto Transport to Florida

Transporting vehicles in and out of the state of Florida is a job we perform every day. By allowing comparison-shopping of a number of different prominent and reliable brokers, we give our customers access to a broader variety of options so that they get the kind of service they want. Additionally, by allowing visitors to our site a full view of our industry’s most top-notch providers, we allow them to keep money in their pockets for other personal and business needs.

How to Receive up to 8 Instant Quotes

It’s quite simple. Enter your shipment information into the quote box to your left. We’ll then send that information to up to eight auto transport companies we work closely with. This will give you a chance to review each company then choose the best one that fits your shipping needs. And of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (800)595-2062.

New Florida Law Affects Thousands of Drivers

Since we are so active in the state of Florida, we follow driving laws there closely to ensure that we are always up to code. A recent law passed by Florida’s state government does not immediately concern our business; however, we believe any international tourists visiting the state need to be aware of it. The law deems many of them invalid drivers, and this is detrimental for two reasons: it can result both in fines and other legal difficulties for affected drivers and it may also mean they will not be able to collect on their insurance in the event of an accident.

As an auto transport service responsible for transporting thousands of vehicles in and out of Florida each year, we are passionate about motorist rights in every state of the union. We share the road with drivers, the vast majority of whom are doing their best to get where they need to be as safely and legally as possible. Although our business is focused on shipping vehicles in the American market, we appreciate the needs and concerns of international car owners as well. Fines and insurance claim denial cause financial hardship, similarly to paying too much to transport a vehicle.

Specifics of the Law

It is now necessary in the state of Florida, as of the first of the year, to hold an international driver’s permit from one’s home nation to legally use the roadways.

The new legislation was intended to solve problems law enforcement was having with driver licenses in foreign languages. However, because the law was written so broadly, tourists and other visitors to the state with permits in English must now obtain the international paperwork as well to stay legal and ensure insurance coverage.

Timeline & Current Enforcement

According to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the law may be in effect until summer 2013. Their office has completed tens of thousands of international permit applications in the weeks following their announcement.

The Florida Highway Patrol is not enforcing the new rule and is asking city and county police forces to do the same.