Auto Transport to New York

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This year has been a little different. Hurricane Sandy destroyed cars in numbers exceeding 250,000, per the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Of that overall number, 210,000 of them were in New York and New Jersey. There were still many transport requirements – but typically that was conducted by tow trucks moving vehicles to salvage yards and repair shops. Vehicle shipping experienced a significant downturn as the area slowly recovered from the disaster.

Numbers Higher than Reported

Actually, the total figure for damaged cars exceeds what the NICB reported. Though it accounts for the majority of the damage, the auto insurance companies that make up the NICB’s membership (from which the statistics were compiled) comprise a large portion of the industry but not its entirety – 88%. Regardless, hundreds of thousands of vehicles were affected, which is clearly staggering.

The auto industry is booming in New York once again, though, and we are at the forefront of transport efforts. As you can see by our reputation, we provide the best services in the industry. What we provide is not just a access to one company. We show you a cross-section of quotes available to move your vehicle from one location to another.

New York versus New Jersey Damage

The NICB breaks down the 210,000 automobiles in New York and New Jersey as follows: New York at 150,000, and New Jersey at 60,000. Cars were damaged by Superstorm Sandy in a total of 16 states. To use the NICB report as a gauge of the actual figures, New York accounted for 60%, New Jersey for 24%. These statistics inform us that the remaining states accounted for just 16% of the cars.

Lack of Insurance & Types of Damage

Beyond not accounting for 12% of the insurance industry, the NICB report also does not include damage to motorists without insurance. The organization’s statement also emphasized the broad definition of damage that was used for calculation. Demolition, minor scratches, and flooding of various degrees of severity are examples of types of damages incurred by Sandy victims.

Buyer Beware

An additional note in the NICB report is an alert to individuals seeking to obtain a pre-owned vehicle. Cars affected by the storm – sometimes horribly damaged – are in some cases being purchased by unsuspecting customers.