How Automotive Attraction is Changing

Beautiful CarAs the top service shipping automobiles throughout the United States, we are fascinated by the designs of various automakers. This year, some of the major automotive manufacturers are changing their styles, while others are keeping with their classic looks. Either way, from Jaguar to Aston Martin, if you have the money, beautiful cars are in no short supply.

Aston vs. Jaguar:
Width & Slimness

The Aston Martin CC100 is a twist on the typical car we are used to seeing from Aston. The automaker is known for a very specific shape. With the 2013 version of the CC100, the grille has been widened. This new look will be replicated in other models as well. With a timeless car such as an Aston Martin, owners and collectors use the contained trailers associated with enclosed automotive shipping to keep the vehicle protected from any physical damage.

Meanwhile, the Jaguar E-Type is keeping with its slender figure in a new rendition. Wisely, Jaguar is ready to celebrate the design of this model. It is considered by many to be the most distinctively attractive vehicle ever produced. Hannah Elliott of Forbes magazine calls the E-Type “elegant… clean… and slim.” Just as with descriptions of cars, carriers can be understood by looking at reviews of auto carriers that detail their various services as well.

Jaguar’s New Vision for an Old Supermodel

Perhaps no car is remembered so specifically for its looks than the E-Type. The car was known for having incredibly difficult drivability and for breaking down on the road. However, early 60&srquo;s versions of this model are going for over $150,000 in auctions. Just as auctions are essentially price-focused, working with brokers that represent carriers shipping automobiles across our nation can be all about cost as well. Getting a multitude of options allows you a wider vantage point so it’s not all about the numbers.

The E-Type was shelved years ago, but its staying power has been recognized by Jaguar. Hence, this year marks the initial release of the F-Type, framed as its successor. This model is the only two-seater sportscar the automaker has produced in over five decades.

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