Automotive Museum Allows Visitors to Touch High-Priced Vehicles

BMW Museum in MunichRecently at the BMW Museum in Munich, a promotional event was held to give people a chance to touch anything and everything. Visitors were given pairs of gloves. They were then able to touch any of 100+ exhibits in the building, including a number of incredibly rare – and hence incredibly expensive –vehicles. When individuals and businesses are looking to move an incredibly rare car or any valued automobile throughout the United States, they look for third-party transporters to perform the shipping on their behalf.

One Day Only

A spokesperson for the automaker explained that as in any museum, touching of any of the exhibits is not allowed. Anything that is on one’s hands can potentially cause corrosion or other damage to a vehicle just as it can to a painting at an art museum. For this reason, it was exciting for those attending the event to be able to engage with the automobiles in a way never before possible. Folks looking to engage with one website that allows multiple companies’ quotes to feed into one location for cross-evaluation purposes appreciate shipping company comparison websites.

Car Birthday Party

BMW’s sporty Z1 model just celebrated its 25th birthday. It was first seen at a car show in Germany in the late 1980s. The hands-on extravaganza was in honor of that model; historically one of BMW’s most impressive. Customers want to be impressed with the businesses entrusted to ship a treasured vehicle of theirs a long distance, whether between direct locations or between storage facilities – so discount prices are helpful, but other factors are considered as well.

Beyond Automobiles

The event also invited in two additional companies to feature their high-end products. Presentations by outside businesses included one by Steinway, whose exhibit was designed to look like a top-of-the-line piano, and a brief instructional course by a glove-maker on how to produce their premium product. The decision on whether to go for a high-end service to transport a vehicle or choosing a discount option becomes easier with side-by-side analysis of vehicle shipping options.

Finding Reputable Companies is What We Do!

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