Automotive windows don’t always shield sunlight

As the nation’s foremost provider of reliable automotive shipping, the driving experience is always on our minds. We have always believed transport a safer alternative to a personal road trip, because the former enlists a professional driver: that prevents crashes. A new report, though, suggests that using an auto carrier can also protect you from excessive sun exposure.

Car glass: accidents vs. sunlight

In our nation the glass used on cars has to meet a number of different federal codes set by the Department of Transportation. For instance, the windows have to be optimized to let in as much sun as possible, enhancing visibility. They also have to be designed to break into very small pieces to prevent lacerations if an accident occurs. DOT regulations are also common in our industry, allowing us to protect our customers by ensuring all our coast-to-coast transport carriers and brokers are fully compliant.

Sunbathing in the CarIn contrast to the above regulations, which enhance general driving safety, UVA/UVB shielding (as seen on sunglasses) is optional for cars. In fact, windows often differ within the same vehicle, with windshields typically supplying much better blockage. Everyone wants to be contained within a safe vessel when taking a trip. Auto shippers supply that enhancement for cars with services that use an enclosed trailer during transit.

Lamination Aids Windshields

The DOT requires that windshields be laminated, which means they are made up of three pieces: two pieces of glass, with a piece of plastic in the middle. This construction allows the windshield to shatter safely if anything slams against it. Standard protections also exist in our industry, such as enclosure (above) and the option to transport your car directly from one door to another (rather than utilizing storage facilities).

The plastic in the windshield draws in many of the sun’s harmful UV rays. They generally block about 99% of UVB and UVA light. In other words, their SPF is approximately 50. In the auto shipping industry, snowbirds are frequent clients as they move from home to home. These individuals move south for the sun but don’t want to get too much on the way.

Sunroofs & other windows

Sunroofs don’t offer quite as much protection, but still only let in about 10% of sunburn-causing and carcinogenic rays. The other windows, however, often don’t offer the same protections as windshields and sunroofs do.

Of course, sunlight is only one of the perils out of the road. Safety is a priority of nearly every driver on the road, and it’s of the utmost concern for credible auto shippers as well. That’s why all of ours at Autos In Transit are licensed, bonded, and DOT-compliant. We make it simple, too, by providing up to eight quotes just for filling out the simple form at the top of this page. Try us out now!