Autos In Transit Explains the Benefits of Open & Enclosed Auto Transport

In an effort to help those seeking to ship their car, Autos In Transit provides valuable news and experienced tips on the auto shipping industry. In today’s helpful tip, we will explain the benefits to both open and enclosed auto transport. As we explain, your decision is ultimately dependent on your needs and requirements. Our job is to help you find a car hauler that makes you feel secure.

If It’s Cost, Go with Open

Open Auto Transport ServiceIf cost is an issue, open auto transport services may a good choice. It is the cheapest way to transport a car. Open carrier haulers store more vehicles, thus cutting down the cost to ship each vehicle. To put this into perspective, recall the 18-wheel double-decker trucks you see hauling vehicles down the highway. While in transit, the cars aboard are exposed to a wide range of road debris and nature’s elements which is out of the carrier’s control. The shipped vehicle’s exterior is also exposed to other vehicles loaded on top of it. This may cause concern if the car stored above has leaking fluids and/or debris. If you want to ensure your car is protected from these risks then, do not go with an open carrier.

It’s Like You Drove It

Not to worry. It is simply the same as if you were driving the vehicle down the highway yourself. If you are worried about fluids from other vehicles, simply request a “top load” from the carrier or broker you are dealing with. As we point out the risks of each transport, we want you to know there are always other options to you.

The Protection You Trust

Enclosed Auto Transport ServicesWhen choosing enclosed auto transport services, your vehicle is moved into a trailer that is covered. The trailers can be either hard-sided or soft-sided. As mentioned above, enclosed carriers hold fewer vehicles, which is the main reason it is more expensive. When in transit, the car is protected from the outside elements mentioned above. The haulers themselves are experienced and often move classic, vintage, exotic, antique or even high-end sports cars with care. This is another reason the cost for enclosed is higher.

Let Us Do the Work for You!

In the end, it is up to you to decide on which auto transport service benefits you more. For an instant auto transport quote, enter your shipping information into our quote generator. Six to eight auto transport companies will contact you regarding your shipment depending on pick-up and delivery destinations. Our brokers will ensure you receive the most competitive transport rates and offer options based on your needs. Selecting the best company is easy, and you can’t go wrong using the premium companies we’ve handpicked from our combined 30 years of experience in the auto shipping industry. Let us do the work for you! Happy Shipping!