New Backup Camera Rule Saves a Life for $18 Million

Car Backup CameraAs the United States’ top source for services to transport cars, we greatly appreciate the importance of safety on the road. Certainly, no one can put a price tag on human life or health. However, a new DOT regulation could be placing excessive emphasis on one area of driving, making the safety requirement a little suspect.

The DOT rule makes it illegal not to install a backup camera in a new car sold in our country. Notably, the agency backtracked on implementation of the law, pushing it back until 2015. Following a study that found the cost of mandatory installation is out of scale with its benefits, the Transportation Department is reconsidering its options. Reconsideration is crucial for any organization or individual, which is why we recommend poring over auto shipping reviews before making a decision.

Alternatives & Findings

The Department of Transportation will potentially improve the safety rating of any car containing a backup camera rather than demanding widespread installation. The reason the DOT has sought alternatives is because the law could cost the industry almost $3 billion, which amounts to almost $20 million for every life it would save. Many decisions require a careful balancing of cost and safety; in our business, we achieve equilibrium by ensuring 100% DOT compliance from our auto shipping companies.

The regulation, which has now been postponed four times by the agency, is a sour subject for auto manufacturers. Carmakers are both disturbed by the hefty price of implementation and don’t agree the devices are necessary for small vehicles. No one is ever happy to pay more than necessary, which is why we allow for comparison-quoting of auto shipping leads to reduce consumer prices.

Auto Industry Group’s Perspective & Law’s History

According to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the cameras are clearly helpful in creating a broader field of vision. However, the group believes it is the individual car buyer’s right to determine whether the added expense is worth it. In car shipping, a basic expense consideration is whether to choose enclosed transport, a service with higher auto shipping quotes, to further protect the vehicle.

The law was signed into effect five years ago by George W. Bush. Although the rule has proved excessively costly, its intent was noble. The bill was named after a boy who received fatal injuries when his father ran over him in New York.

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