Benefits to Enclosed Auto Transport vs.
Open Car Shipping

Weigh In the Benefits to Enclosed Auto Transport vs. Open Car ShippingAutos In Transit wants to help you become more knowledgeable of the auto shipping industry by providing helpful auto transport & car shipping news and tips. You may be surprised to learn it is cheaper to transport a car on an open car carrier versus an enclosed car carrier. On the other hand, the cost to transport a car in a enclosed carrier may be worth the protection to your vehicle it would provide. The idea of choosing an enclosed auto transport carrier versus an open auto transport carrier is easy once you understand what each transport service entails.

Open Car Shipping

Our Open Car Shipping Services are done by loading your vehicle onto a double-decker auto transport carrier, similar to the ones you see on the highway, which leave a car wide open to damage from elements beyond a transport driver’s control. This causes the car to be susceptible to road debris and weather elements. Open car shipping does not protect from these elements, i.e., hail, snow, rocks kicked up from other vehicles on the highway, or even from leaky fluids or loose items coming from other cars on the auto transport carrier. If you are looking for cheap auto transport or cheap car shipping then request this service for your auto transport quotes.

We are not trying to discourage you from selecting open car shipping by sharing the risks transporting a car using this service. We simply want you to be aware of the risks, and provide you with ways of eliminating them. For example, you can request “top load” from your car carrier of choice to protect it from other vehicles and their leaky fluids. As far as preparing yourself for the many different weather elements your shipping your car through, try to plan around them or understand any detour routes the driver may take to avoid them. Always ask questions, and let the individual your dealing with know your concerns as we all want to make your car shipping experience stress free.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Our Enclosed Auto Transport Services are done by moving a car onto a trailer that is closed in or covered. The enclosed car carriers can be soft-sided or hard-sided, and generally hold no more than a few cars at a time. Transporting a car in an enclosed auto transport carrier eliminates any damage from those elements mentioned. However, since extra steps will need to be taken to ensure a car’s safety during the transport, a customer requesting an enclosed auto transport can expect to pay a much higher transport fee.

Understanding the Process in Transporting a Car

It’s up to you to decide which auto transport & car shipping service benefits you more. You may want to visit our How To Transport A Car article to become aware of the actual process in transporting a car before making a final decision. We list the steps taken from the time you enter your transport information into the quote generator to the time your car makes it to its destination.

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