Bentley Gives Continental Sportier Feel
with 2014 GT V8S

2014 Bentley Continental GT V8SAs the United States’ most trusted provider of competitive services to ship automobiles enclosed, some of our users own Bentley or other ultra-luxury cars. We also offer open shipping, but people who own vehicles with incredibly high values such as Bentley or Rolls-Royce ship the cars “enclosed” for that service’s added protection.

Bentley recently released its new Continental variation, which is essentially a restyling of the GT V8 model that first appeared in 2012. Continental was already a large family of cars for Bentley, so the 2014 GT V8S rendition is another sibling added to the dynasty. Similarly, we add and remove names to the list of transporter companies that supply our quotes based on ongoing credibility checks: licensing, bonding, and DOT/FMCSA regulatory compliance.

2014 Bentley V8S: pickup, maximum speed & fuel-efficiency

The sports car-influenced Continental GT V8S is primarily a change in style, not substance. However, pickup and speed are further optimized. Its 0-to-60 acceleration is .3 seconds faster than the 4.6 seconds recorded by the standard GT V8. Similarly, its top speed, at 192 mph, is 4 mph better than the non-sports version. Just as the alternative variations of the Continental are much alike, shippers can all look the same at first. That’s why comprehensive, third-party online reviews of auto carriers can be helpful to separate the wheat from the chaff.

While a Bentley owner is unlikely to bat an eye at refueling prices, where green-consciousness is concerned, this new model is identical to the last. Its EPA ratings are 15/24 mpg for city and highway driving. Again, to differentiate similar cars can be as difficult as differentiating car shippers. At Autos In Transit, we enhance quality and value for those seeking services to transport their vehicles through competitive bidding.

2014 Bentley V8S: Steering & stability

A couple of improvements have been made for this sporty version of the Continental. The computer that interacts with the steering wheel has been made more sensitive and sophisticated; in turn, the stability system has become less sensitive to allow for more aggressive driving.

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