BOOM! Forte Koupe Breaks the Sound Barrier

OK, everyone let’s get right to it. We’re here once again to in part four of a five part series involving the KIA sponsored Justice League of Heroes Car Series. In this segment we will take a look at the self proclaimed fastest superhero known to man, and the car that’s representing him.

Fast, But Not Flash Fast!

Still Probably Not as Fast as the Real Flash

As comic book fans we know all too well of the Flash. The fastest man alive and moderately strong, too. Able to circle the globe faster than anything in the world, and with that notion in the air, we look at KIA’s fast little coupe that is symbolizing his greatness. KIA delivered the vehicle, their ultra-nimble 2012 Forte Koup, to the customizing shop where it was given the once over by an unnamed team of designers. The Forte was then stripped, like all of the other project cars, and then sanded down to begin the painting process.

Flash’s Interior

Red on Black Looks Smooth

As work took place on the Forte Koup, unbeknownst to the build team, two of the other Justice League cars were being shipped to a covered location for final prepping before the last move to SEMA. The Flash Koup project was steadily moving forward with a new interior being installed, along with a 2500 Watt sound system that was perfectly placed into the interior.

After the paint work, and interior was just about complete, the team leaders were faced with a last minute decision to find a new towing company, due to the last one compromising the security of the build. After some research, and time well spent on the web the team hired a company with a long history of reliable hauling capabilities. After negotiating a final price for the job, the Flash Forte Koup was then moved to an area closer to the SEMA Show, so that when completed it would be driven into the show during the night.

Flash’s Exterior

Do These Wheels Look Fast Enough?Once the Flash Koup was completed, a simple Forte was decked out in multicolored fiery lightning bolts, and fast moving patterns. A set of 18” wheels were painted Black, and the inlays were color matched for a unique touch. Inside you have bright Yellow & Red leather interior, that help pull together the overall theme. This Forte Koup may not be as fast the Flash himself, but it looks amazingly fast just standing still.

Isn’t this a cool series? Our final entry will be posted shortly. And remember, if you ever need to ship your vehicle; don’t waste time looking for a company yourself. We have eight companies already lined up eagerly waiting to compete for your business. Simply fill out the quote box to your left or give us a call at (800)595-2062.