Broad Car-to-Car Communication Test in Michigan

Communication Between VehiclesAs the top comparison-quoting service for fast auto transport, we watch the news closely for changes in the automotive industry. Probably the three largest topics discussed currently in car news are electric vehicles, the self-driving car (particularly the Google model), and car-to-car communication (a.k.a. C2C communication).

Cars have only recently transitioned into an age of oversight by computers. Recently released car models stored data arising from a series of sensors that gauge the functionality of the vehicle. Now, companies are attempting to use that data to create a “web” between roadway users. Networking vehicles in this way is an effort to include them in what’s called the Internet of Everything.

As times change, companies change. In transport, we monitor the entire field to ensure the car transporter quotes we provide are from carriers maintaining impeccable service for all their clients.

University of Michigan Study

The most extensive study ever conducted on communication between cars is underway at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. Almost 3000 cars have been installed with wireless technology that allows them to interact with each other and with sensors on roadways. The results of the study could help improve driver safety. For us, we prioritize safety by checking that all of our terminal-to-terminal and door to door auto shippers are licensed and bonded.

All of the vehicles in the study are capable of attaining the location and speed information for other automobiles that are being tested. The wide-scale test was made possible by a federal grant from the DOT. In the shipping industry, the DOT issues guidelines and determines compliance of all auto shipping brokers and carriers. We check, in turn, that all our carriers have 100% compliance records with the agency.

Integration of Onboard & Interactive Data

This study doesn’t just allow interaction but integrates the car-to-car technology with a system in each car used for testing. Those individual systems allow researchers to get a better sense of how driver behavior is affected by alerts stemming from the wireless network. These alerts are of a wide variety, such as advisories to switch lanes and to maintain safe distance if another vehicle’s trajectory could cause an accident.

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