Burger Joint Lot Hosts
Second Annual Vintage Car Show

As the nation’s expert on carrier recommendations to ship classic cars, we follow the automotive industry for new and continuing trends. One tradition that has been popular around the country since the first half of the 20th century is car shows and rallies. These events allow owners of collectible cars to show them off to attendees; meanwhile, car fans get the eye candy of unique and rare vehicles.

Vintage Car Show at Porky'sOne such event is held this August in St. Paul, Minnesota. Almost 100 classic cars are making the trip to the former Porky’s parking lot. The restaurant and property were purchased by a senior housing facility, Episcopal Homes, two years ago. However, the management of the facility are in their second year honoring the long-standing Porky’s culture by inviting classic auto owners and enthusiasts to gather and enjoy the lot. When attending shows, car collectors look to ship their automobile reliably and quickly so that it arrives at the show spotless.

Porky’s History & Charity Focus

Porky’s, the drive-in burger joint that once stood on the property, was in business from the early 50s until 2011, 58 years in all. The restaurant building itself was transported to the Little Long House Pioneer Village, where it is on display along with over four dozen other historic buildings. History is a crucial component of understanding a subject. In transport, the level of experience of a carrier or broker you hire to transport your car can help ensure a high level of expertise.

The events, held August 17th this year, is free and open to the public. However, everyone is asked to bring a nonperishable grocery item for a charity collection. When a collectible car owner ships to a show, typically they use an enclosed auto shipping option for improved protection. A contained trailer keeps the car safe from any harsh weather or roadway debris.

Popularity of the Event

Refreshments, live music, and a children’s play area have made the event a huge draw for car lovers and families. Almost 2000 people came to the show last year. The nonprofit focus is also an attraction: in 2012, the rally brought in 500 pounds of food.

Charitable events are a recognition that sometimes people need help. We provide that help in the car shipping industry. Whether you need shipping for a sale, move, vacation, or show, Autos In Transit can assist you in finding the best way to transport your car to any US state with up to eight quotes. Try out our system through the form above.