Buyers Beware!

Here at Autos In Transit, we take pride in being a leader in the industry. We’ve made our new year’s resolution and are excited to share new technology advances in the auto shipping industry for the upcoming 2013 year.

First, have you ever wondered how reliable those websites that stress “cheap, cheap, cheap” auto transport are ? You know; the online sites that advertise like this…

Cheap Ads?!

Stop Cheating Yourself!

Hey Brokers, why would you buy leads from companies that falsely advertise this way? When someone is looking to ship a car, they always want competitive rates with reliable carriers. It is bad for the industry when lead campaigns are advertised this way.

Let’s say your sales team calls the customer. The customer already believes the price to ship their car “coast to coast” is only $500 dollars. The cheapest way to ship the vehicle would be using terminal to terminal on an open carrier. The price for shipping your car varies greatly on many factors, including:

  1. Route
  2. Number of cars already on the transporter
  3. Gas
  4. Increasing hauler and broker bonds
  5. Demand for services

Even using the most cost effective mode of transport, the broker may not be able to guarantee that price for the customer. This would then end the transaction, with negative outcomes for both the customer and broker.

These types of ad campaigns usually create increased difficulty for sales reps, lower commissions and broker fees, lower closing rates, and unhappy consumers. As the leis an between the customer and the hauler, it is the broker’s duty to provide the best customer service and highest satisfaction ratings.

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