Car Seller Lobbies the President for $32.4k Price Tag

President Barack ObamaAs a leading company in the automotive shipping segment, we appreciate various perspectives throughout the car industry. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as we’d like for our voices to be heard. One car sales professional has decided he will do whatever it takes to bend President Obama’s ear: he’s paying over 30 grand to speak with him, even if only for a few moments.

The sales guy, Paul Scott, is interested specifically in speaking with the president about electric vehicles (EVs). He and only two dozen additional people are attending the event, which will take place in Santa Monica, California (the same location of a recent bicycling commute YouTube video you may have seen).

In our case, California is a state we know well because car transport to California from the East coast is extremely popular. That’s especially true with electric cars, because there’s no infrastructure to support nationwide plugin needs.

Voice of the Middle-Class

Car Salesman Paul ScottScott, who resides in LA, is pulling the funds out of his retirement fund for the opportunity to speak with Obama. Because he only makes about $50k annually, the expense will not be easy on his savings account; but he wants a chance to give Obama ideas on electric car advocacy. Our company, similarly, advocates automotive shipping reliability; it’s a marketplace that can be difficult to understand so people can choose reputable solutions.

Scott believes in electric cars and doesn’t see the market expanding fast enough. Sales, after all, have not been astronomical; although, the Tesla Model S is a bright spot in EV development, with its stunning 99% Consumer Reports rating. Surveying ratings and reviews is crucial to choosing a car and to selecting auto shipping as well; it’s crucial to consider customer perspectives, whether you’re looking for auto shipping between doors or terminal-to-terminal transport.

$16,000 Per Minute & Cost-Cutting Advice

Scott, unfortunately, will only have time for an elevator pitch. He has been told that he will get only 2 to 4 minutes of Obama’s time. That’s between $135 and $270 a second, so Scott will literally want to make every second count.

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