Car Transport in Miami

Our vehicle transport trucks travel in and out of Miami every day, to destinations elsewhere in Florida and beyond. We operate nationwide, shipping vehicles all around the country, to and from Miami. We represent an incredibly important service to car owners – the ability to get to a vehicle in the first place, bring it home, turn the ignition, and get where the driver needs to be.

CarGurus Pegs Miami as Lowest-Priced Used Car Market

One thing we had not noticed about Miami was how low the sticker prices were on pre-owned vehicles. As outlined in a recent South Florida Business Journal article, Miami is the most affordable place in the country to buy a used vehicle. Per the report, CarGurus simply conducted a survey of nationwide pricing, without examining the reasons behind cost differences in various areas. CarGurus had easy and direct access to this information because the company is an online automotive sales portal.

How Anyone Can Benefit from Miami’s Pricing

Our company provides an online automotive service as well. We represent automotive shipping brokers, each of which we choose based on affordability and consistency to provide the strongest possible service for our clients. Our directory of shipping options can easily pick up a vehicle in Miami and deliver it to another location, something anyone in a high-priced used-car market should explore. Keeping costs low is essential, but one important consideration is whether you would want to ship a vehicle that you’re buying open-air or enclosed for weather protection.

Why Miami is Affordable

A spokesperson for CarGurus listed several factors she believes contribute to pricing of used cars in Miami, including the number of people per square mile and the number of pre-owned vehicle dealers. Essentially, then, it’s a competitive marketplace – there are a lot of potential buyers, which means there are a lot of stores striving for their business.

The writer of the article about the study, Paul Brinkmann, suggests that Miami’s sizable automotive lease and rental market artificially inflates the volume of pre-owned vehicles in Miami-Dade County. To further speculation, perhaps the Miami pricing has something to do with a logjam of vehicles created due to the city’s location at the end of the massive Peninsula that forms the state of Florida.

The study revealed that vehicles on sale in Miami are priced more than 6% below the American average. The four other most affordable pre-owned car markets in the United States are Cleveland, Rochester, Detroit, and Stamford.