Car transport to Chicago

As one of the nation’s largest auto transport providers, we are experts on affordable car shipping to other states and cities like to Chicago. Typically when we are delivering to Chicago, we are dropping off the vehicles at a terminal. We make trips in and out of Chicago every day, as a service provider working with numerous quality options – a model that we have found reduces price for our customers while also enhancing consistency.

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The Chicago Auto Show & Transport Needs

We, like others in the automotive industry, are often called in to deliver vehicles to automotive shows. One recent show that required shipping of valued vehicles was the Chicago Auto Show. A lot of the excitement that we and others feel at auto shows comes from seeing the newest, trendiest vehicles that automakers deliver to the events to promote the best and brightest offerings currently or soon to be hitting dealerships.

We don’t have to be delivering to an auto show, though, to provide outstanding service to anyone needing to get a vehicle to or from the state of Illinois. Additionally, as stated above, we offer primarily shipping between storage facilities, or terminal-to-terminal transport, to customers requiring Chicago pickup or delivery. This common limitation is due to maneuverability requirements on Chicago’s busy streets. When transport involves other locations in the state, though, we are able to deliver directly between any locations.

Best in Show

We agreed soundly with media reports on some of the most eye-opening cars at the show in Chicago. Dodge, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Kia each had a particular vehicle that stood above the rest of the cars on display.

Dodge’s offering was the Mopar ’13 Dodge Dart, a limited-edition model. The most exciting thing about the Dodge car was its wireless capabilities, which allow your phone to charge without being connected to the dashboard. Similarly technologically impressive was the 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo, with its 5-inch GPS touch control screen.

The 2014 Toyota Tundra was particularly impressive due to its safety features. It standardly includes eight airbags. Also, the Toyota model is not as Japanese as you might think. It is, in some ways, made in America. Toyota’s American office designed and engineered it, and it was manufactured in Texas.

The 2014 Kia Forte 5-Door was remarkable particularly because it is a Kia, it’s a compact car, and it is on this list. It’s a six-speed, looks sleek and comfortable at the same time, and generally looks like it would be incredibly fun to drive. The car is evidence that Kia will continue its fast and furious advance up the ranks of the automaker industry.