Car transport to Phoenix

We transport hundreds of vehicles in and out of Arizona each week. We ship these cars and trucks for all different kinds of people in Phoenix and Arizona’s other cities, for many different reasons. One thing that customers using our reputable services have in common is that they do not want poor weather to damage their vehicle or delay its arrival at its intended destination.

Bad weather, unfortunately, cannot always be avoided. Arizonans experienced this truism recently, when various forms of precipitation wreaked havoc on Arizona, according to weather coverage from Phoenix radio station 92.3 KTAR-FM. The statewide precipitation included snow throughout much of the state – shutting down public schools – along with torrential downpours that postponed a PGA Tour event.

Graupel & Car Transport

One assumption that everyone has when looking into finding a quote you can rely on is that the car will get where it is headed without incurring any damage. Nonetheless, many individuals choose contained vehicle transport rather than shipping open-air to avoid any potential wear and tear by the elements. This is especially common with high-valued vehicles, such as with a shipment to or from car collectors, individuals who not only buy and sell vehicles but often transport them to automotive shows as well.

Though the vehicle owners do not want to experience damage to their vehicles, they probably would not recognize graupel if they saw it. Perhaps one of the more esoteric words used by the National Weather Service (possibly because it is such an uncommon occurrence) graupel refers to soft hail. Though softer than standard hail, graupel does not behave like snow – rather than simply piling on the ground, it bounces off surfaces much like standard hail does.

Schools & Golf Tournament Closings

The school system in Flagstaff shut down due to continuing accrual of snow – with up to half a foot expected to fall – as did Northern Arizona University. As much as 9 inches were predicted elsewhere in the state. A storm warning was in effect for the area throughout the day.
Professional golfers had to put away their clubs as well in a tournament at Dove Mountain, where the weather was anything but peaceful. At the event, which took place just outside of Tucson, play was postponed as the PGA Tour confronted a bitterly cold winter rainstorm. The Match Play Championship was able to restart the following day and continue through the weekend.