New Cars Spying on Their Drivers

Here's a Car with a Computer!When you’re going for a quiet drive by yourself, chances are you never considered that someone might be watching … maybe even your car itself. Innovative technologies, such as data-collection devices, interest us because we provide automotive transporter solutions throughout the United States. We know our customers only want their personal information in safe hands, which is why we carefully check credentials of any shipper before agreeing to partner with them.

Data Collection & Third Parties

The computer in your vehicle may not be entirely a good thing. It collects information about your driving: how fast you go, the rate at which you accelerate, how you steer it, and every time you press the brakes. Unfortunately, all that data is not your own private information: there are no laws or codes to prevent access by your car manufacturer or other third parties. In the transport industry, a third party that often comes into play is a transport brokerage firm, which can filter options on a client’s behalf.

Consumer Rights & Airline Black Boxes

Legal experts, such as Dorothy Glancy of UC Santa Clara’s legal school, believe it’s a consumer’s right to decide whether and how car data is processed and/or transmitted. Nonetheless, the federal government may soon make it illegal for car manufacturers not to include a black box, like that found in a commercial jet, in new vehicles; the box will record all driving information related to accidents – even seat belt usage. The devices are already installed in 96% of new vehicles, with no on/off-switch.

One thing we like as consumers and citizens is our freedom to choose how our products function, as well as what services make sense for us. We see that desire for alternatives in our industry with directories of transporters, which allow a person to see a number of shipping companies side-by-side and decide which one looks best to them.

Car-to-Car Technology

Beyond black boxes, the automaker industry is rapidly creating what’s termed “car-to-car communication.” Car-to-car (C2C) will grab driving data and deliver it to other vehicles, making crashes less frequent. C2C is a mixed bag, then, because it could indeed allow for safer roadways. We know our customers transporting to California and other US locations value safety highly, one reason we offer enclosed transport to further protect their cars.

How our information is used is a major concern for all Americans. We respect your privacy and your right to only work with ultra-credible companies. When you work with us, we never recommend organizations we wouldn’t use ourselves. In fact, we’ve been working with our partners for over 20 years. Plus, by providing up to 8 quotes at once, we increase transporter rate competition so you can get a lower price. Try us out now by filling out the form at top left; or simply call us for assistance.


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