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Sensors to Play Huge Role in Autonomous Driving

Autos In Transit keeps track of the automotive field – not just our specialty of assisting consumers to transport their cars between states, but vehicle manufacturing, sales, and R&D. Of those topics, like most drivers and car enthusiasts, we find the last to be the most fascinating. The two most compelling and well-covered areas in […]

Steering Problems Spark Recall
of 300,000+ Cars by Ford

Since safety is a primary concern for our customers in the search for reliable coast-to-coast vehicle transport options, we do our best to stay well-versed on safety concerns throughout the automotive industry. A common example of safety-related car news is recalls. Typically the DOT’s NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) asks automakers for recalls when […]

Poll: Ford Focus Best Car in Past 2½ Decades

Our business involves competitive quoting from the nation’s leading auto carriers, so we are highly familiar with cars from all the major automakers. We try to point out whenever we see a model get either accolades or criticisms so that consumers can have a better sense of the marketplace. Recently, the Ford Focus received a […]

Checking Used Cars:
200,000+ on American Roads are Flood-Damaged

Autos In Transit is deeply concerned with credibility in the automotive marketplace, because it’s essential to us as a leading provider of nationwide services to safely ship automobiles. We have reported previously on used-car scams related to Superstorm Sandy. Specifically, the Attorney General in the state of Ohio warned Sandy cars – which he described […]

Bentley Gives Continental Sportier Feel
with 2014 GT V8S

As the United States’ most trusted provider of competitive services to ship automobiles enclosed, some of our users own Bentley or other ultra-luxury cars. We also offer open shipping, but people who own vehicles with incredibly high values such as Bentley or Rolls-Royce ship the cars “enclosed” for that service’s added protection. Bentley recently released […]

Google Collaborating with Continental
on Autonomous Car

Because we are so highly dedicated to reliability, in our case with nationwide shipping of automobiles, we are fascinated by the self-driving car. The basic debate on robot cars is whether they will improve safety – by reducing human error – or damage it – by placing too much of our faith in computers. The […]

Automotive windows don’t always shield sunlight

As the nation’s foremost provider of reliable automotive shipping, the driving experience is always on our minds. We have always believed transport a safer alternative to a personal road trip, because the former enlists a professional driver: that prevents crashes. A new report, though, suggests that using an auto carrier can also protect you from […]

Car computer hacking: the new roadway danger

As the leading source for safe and reliable auto shipping throughout the US, it concerns us when criminal behavior compromises travel. Certainly our culture has become increasingly integrated with technology. The extent to which the high-tech transition has occurred in automobiles has its pluses and minuses. Automated safety mechanisms can save lives. However, the computers […]

Auto sales rise 17% year-over-year in August

Because we are in the car business – providing competitive quotes to people looking for the best auto shipping prices from high-quality carriers – we pay close attention to automotive sales. Right now, car sales are at the top of the list of business news generally because it’s such an incredibly positive subject: revenue at […]

Top electric cars for 2013

As the best source for cross-comparison rates on auto shipping in the United States, we are becoming more familiar with the electric car market all the time. Electric vehicles, also called EVs, are frequently shipped coast-to-coast due to the lack of a nationwide infrastructure for recharging. Electric cars are finally starting to find a market. […]