Checking Used Cars:
200,000+ on American Roads are Flood-Damaged

Autos In Transit is deeply concerned with credibility in the automotive marketplace, because it’s essential to us as a leading provider of nationwide services to safely ship automobiles. We have reported previously on used-car scams related to Superstorm Sandy. Specifically, the Attorney General in the state of Ohio warned Sandy cars – which he described as “ruined” – were showing up for sale all around the country.

Unfortunately, Sandy is only one of various sources of flood-damaged vehicles that have been sold to unsuspecting buyers in recent years. Numerous other hurricanes have placed ailing cars on the roads as well. Finding reliability when buying a car or ordering an automotive service can be enhanced by third-party perspectives. Always check reviews of various car transporters before selecting your carrier.

Flooded cars: how are they misrepresented?

(Very) Flooded CarsTypically the people involved in the purchase and resale of flood-damaged cars are either dealers of used cars or owners of salvage yards. The cars are purchased at low prices following a hurricane. Their appearances are given makeovers so that any signs of the flood are concealed. No one wants to fall victim to a scam. To avoid deception when providing quotes to transport your car coast-to-coast, we vet all carriers for licensing, bonding, and DOT compliance.

In many cases, the vehicles are transported twice. This practice, called “washing the title,” makes it difficult to determine a car’s background. The seller of the car to the consumer must, by law, tell the individual that the car is a salvage vehicle. That information must also be presented on the title. Too often the dealership is not upfront.

One way to avoid problems in the automotive world is to shop around and collect as much information as possible. We make that easy for those seeking companies to transport their cars by providing up to eight quotes for each request.

How to avoid problems

Three basic safeguards can help you avoid these flood-damaged vehicles:

  • No matter where in the country you buy a car, always ask a mechanic performing a car inspection to check specifically for any signs of flooding.
  • Get the vehicle’s CarFax file, and ask the salesperson whether the car is a salvage vehicle.
  • Read reviews for the dealership, on Yelp or elsewhere.

Americans must be on the lookout for these flooding scams around the country and seek credible, transparent dealers. Those looking for nationwide auto shipping – whether a snowbird transporting your car to another home, family moving to another state, or whatever your transport needs – should look for credibility in auto transport partners as well. Autos In Transit believes in protecting the consumer with an array of pre-checked carriers. Scroll up now for a quote.