Chevrolet Spark Ranking High on KBB

Chevy SparkAs the top source consumers choose when looking for a price on car transport, we keep track of the general automotive industry. This process allows us to better understand our role within the marketplace, as well as to better appreciate the cars we ship. One vehicle that has received tremendous ratings on Kelley Blue Book to date is the Chevy Spark.

User ratings are, of course, a great way to understand how one car compares to another. Reviews from journalists can be helpful to attain an expert perspective, but when you get votes in from customers, that can provide a broader sense of the public reception of the vehicle. Spark’s listing, in fact, is at 9.2 out of 10: not bad, considering how critical we can be about our vehicles. Ratings and reviews are helpful when choosing any solution, even an automotive shipping service.

Combining Safety & Performance

Since so many drivers of mini cars live in urban areas, safety is a top priority with a car such as the Spark. That’s why Chevy has included 10 airbags in its 2014 offering of the car. Of course, safety is a concern in any industry. For us, we check the credentials of all our car transporters before we allow them to partner with us. That protects both your property and your finances.

Just because someone wants to save on fuel costs, be environmentally responsible, and fit into tight parking spaces doesn’t mean they want poor power from a car. Because of that, in addition to the airbags, the car also has a heavy focus on performance. The Spark comes standard with an I-4 (inline four) engine, allowing it to take on both city and highway driving with ease. The shipping industry is standardized as well, with two primary options, direct transport between doors and terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Transmission & Transport Options

The Chevy Spark, as with transport, has two main options for drivers to assess. It comes in a five-speed manual version, for those who want more personal control of the vehicle, while other drivers prefer the continuous variable transmission (CVT) version. CVT allows the car to adjust to driver operation and modulate its throttle and speed.

If you are looking for a shipper or auto shipping broker to move your Spark or other car, we can help you quickly through the process. You’ll see a Quick Quote form at the top of this page. You can also call us, and we can walk through the request with you. Good luck finding the best shipper for your car.