Choose an Experienced Auto Mover for Your Vintage Car

Vintage AutomobileAs a proud owner of a vintage car, nobody knows better than you the true value of a rare, one-of-a-kind classic automobile. If you are planning to ship a vintage car that you may have purchased in an auction, you will need the services of dependable auto movers to ensure the safe and efficient handling of the vehicle. Many car owners come up with common requests to auto transport brokers and shippers, such as: “Ship my car for cheap” or “How cheaply can you take my car from this place to another?”

Looking for the cheapest car transporting companies may be a sharp or clever idea in some situations, but when shipping a vintage car your primary concern should be to find a dependable and experienced enclosed car hauler. A company that promises the cheapest car shipping rates in the industry may not be able to provide the kind of transportation service that is necessary to transport a vintage car in an impeccable condition.

On Display at Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Florida’s Sarasota Classic Car Museum is the second oldest regularly operating vintage car museum in the country. Floridian transport services ship cars in and out of the museum throughout the year. The museum takes the visitors back in time to show the original automobiles created by man. Rare antique cars are featured in the museum’s rotating exhibits all across the museum, all seven days of the week. From Paul McCartney’s stylish Mini Cooper to John Lennon’s 1965 Mercedes Benz, the museum is filled with some of the finest restored antique automobiles. The good news is that the museum invites classic car owners from all over the country to participate in exhibitions where they can proudly display their collector’s cars to enthrall and titillate vintage car lovers. To make sure that your one-of-a-kind vehicle is maintained in immaculate condition during transit, you should get in touch with an automobile company that is well-equipped and experienced to handle shipments of vintage cars from state to state.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Leading interstate auto movers will usually offer to ship your vintage car in an enclosed auto transportation carrier. For expensive and classic vehicles, it is always advisable to seek instant car shipping rates for enclosed transport. The cost of this mode of transport may be as high as nearly double the cost of open car transport. However, this extra cost is worth paying, considering the exceptional value of your vintage car.

Critical Point

Furthermore, you should preferably ask for door to door auto shipping services instead of terminal to terminal auto transport in this case. This will ensure that the insurance of your vehicle remains covered from pick up to delivery, and your vintage car will be picked up and brought back to your doorstep in an enclosed carrier by the auto moving company.

Your Questions Answered

If you need the services of a professional auto mover for your vintage car, we at Autos in Transit are here to help. We work with some of the top auto transporter companies to offer you instant free quotes. Call us now at 800-595-2062 or for even faster quotes enter your shipment specifics into our easy to use online quote generator at the top of the page. One of our experienced brokers will contact you to answer all your shipping questions. If you contact us now, you can secure discounts of up to 45% on your vehicle shipping quotes.