Consumer Reports’ Best to Worst Manufactured Cars

Best to Worst: Is Your Vehicle on It?About a month ago, Consumer Reports released an article speaking to the new car models manufactured recently and some minor details about specific models. After compiling all of their information, they put together a list of manufacturers showing their best and worst cars to date. Some of these models that made the list are a bit shocking to say the least.

Let us regale you with an example of what was on that list. First up is Chevrolet with their “best” model is the Volt while their worst model is the Corvette. This was a shocker to us but let’s examine this a little further.

The Corvette is the quintessential American dream car to drive. To which, most other classic car owners normally transport their car from location to location when they need to show it off. But what of those rare times where the 1967 Mako Shark Corvette won’t start and you have just driven it across three states for a Corvette Auto Show? The owner potentially has to now find a company that specializes in long distance hauling.

Well that still does not explain why the Corvette is on the worst car on the list for Chevrolet. Speculations have it there for simple reasons of high maintenance costs for when something does go wrong. About 50 percent of Corvette owners will have their own mechanic ready for whenever something goes wrong with their Corvettes.

With that said, it wouldn’t be a real stretch of the imagination that the same owner has multiple towing agencies on speed dial to see who has the more competitive shipping quotes.

Being that we’re sticking with the Corvette, let’s take a brief second to look at the owner who knows how to fix their Vette and keep it running like new.

Now that person wants to start showing off his ride without adding the extra mileage on the odometer. He has taken the time to speak with shipping agents, gotten a few online rates to think about, but yet wants to use his own pickup truck to do the hauling. He now has to find a company the offers full sized car trailers, and then go to them and get a quick impromptu lesson on transporting a car.

When all this is said and done, the owner of this “Worst” Corvette can transport his exotic car to wherever he wants.

This report on the best and worst cars is what you want to make of it. If you know what kind of car you want, then nothing really is going to stop from getting it. Just be proactive in what you do to take care of this car in the future. A well looked after car will benefit you for years to come.