Cost-Cutting of Luxury SUVs and Cars Leads to Higher Sales

As one of the leading providers of car transport quotes in the US, we know how important cost-effectiveness is to our customers. The same is true for people looking for a car, even if they are interested in a luxury vehicle. As the luxury segment has knocked down prices on some of its cars and SUVs, more Americans have responded by driving those automobiles off dealership lots.

Kelley Blue Book recently released figures showing the strong numbers for luxury cars in the United States for the first part of 2013, following up an impressive showing in 2012. Purchase of a luxury vehicle often changes the owner’s general treatment, upkeep, and security of the car as well. In the transport industry, when people ship luxury or exotic cars, they want the car transported directly, or “door-to-door,” rather than between storage “terminals.”

The Stats on Luxury Sales for 2012 & 2013

Kelley Blue Book research shows that luxury cars have been sold and leased at an 11% higher number than last year – looking at the first few months of 2013. Last year, that same statistic had risen 14% since 2011. The less costly luxury vehicles are responsible for these increases, according to Alec Gutierrez, an analyst for Kelley.

Another way we see owners of luxury cars protecting them when they need to move them elsewhere in the country is by placing them in an enclosed trailer for transport. No one wants a vehicle damaged during shipment, but typically luxury owners are more concerned about securing their vehicles against potential impact by roadway debris and inclement weather.

How the Luxury Market is Changing

Gutierrez explained that Mercedes and BMW have both unveiled new vehicles – the CLA and 320i respectively – targeting this developing low-luxury market. These new models reflect an effort to keep pace with similar models by Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti. Each of those carmakers has been scoring big points at the lower end of the luxury spectrum. Concerning big points, luxury cars are typically checked for high critical marks prior to purchase, just as we see in our industry with reviews of car transport providers.

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