Delta Air Lines: Air Car Shipping Now Available to LA

Auto Transport by AirAs a service that helps consumers pick out car transporters, we are well aware of other big players in the industry. Particularly with major names, prices can be exorbitant since brand recognition carries so much weight. However, when money is not a concern and individuals want a vehicle shipped cross-country or internationally, air transport can be used. It can also be combined with a roadway service (as outlined below).

Delta Air Lines has a car shipping service called Variation Wheels. It’s available at major airports in Asia, Europe, and South America, along with several United States cities. Many of the individuals who might ship through Delta choose it in part for convenience. However, it’s worth consideration that it can be more convenient to use a door-to-door service through a roadway carrier so that airport drop-off and pickup is not required.

Los Angeles Added to Locations & Integration

The limitations of Variation Wheels should also be noted. Typically a car transport service has broad shipping capabilities. The Delta service has previously only been available in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Detroit, and New York. Recently Los Angeles was added to the offerings. A major state for car transporters, California is also a prime site for discounted rates if individuals want to avoid the high prices of air shipping.

The Delta car shipping service transports internationally, with 15 non-US global locations, as well. This aspect of Variation Wheels is notable in terms of integrating their worldwide air service with a standard domestic carrier to cut costs and allow service to your door. High-quality, DOT-compliant car transport should of course be used, which is the value of a comparison-quoting service that checks all carrier credentials on your behalf.

Delta International Locations

Worldwide airports involved in the Delta service include Tokyo, Stuttgart, Shanghai, São Paulo, Santiago, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Milan, London, Lima, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Bangkok. Working with Delta and a domestic carrier could mean that you can ship to or from any United States direct address (using door-to-door shipping) and a domestic airport that connects to one of the international locations.

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