Department of Transportation Seeks
to Cautiously Accelerate Google Car

Google Self-Driving CarAs the top site helping individuals find services to transport cars, we know the importance of safety well. Specifically, we are highly familiar with the guidelines of the Department of Transportation, because any carrier partnering with us must be 100%-compliant with their regulations.

We, like many Americans, have mixed feelings about the Google self-driving car. Federal regulators share the same perspective. However, more than anything, DOT officials see the promise of accident reduction that self-driving cars provide. Because of this, the agency is doing what it can to carefully guide automated cars onto America’s roadways. For us, when people look for auto shipping companies, we guide them throughout to ensure a successful search.

Policy Statement Advises Standardized Testing

In order to help the self-driving car advance more rapidly toward full consumer availability, the Transportation Department provided full parameters to enhance safety within the vehicles. Specifically, they believe advances in car-to-car communication capabilities and automated braking will enhance the road-worthiness of the vehicles. Slow and metered introduction to the market will make the car less likely to run afoul of consumer protection laws.

Essentially, the DOT is advising Google on how to move forward. Receiving auto shipping rates from up to eight (8) carriers at once, similarly, puts you in the driver’s seat. A full spectrum of possibilities for you to assess makes it less likely that you will run into frustrations and dissatisfactions.

Roadway Fatalities on the Rise

The self-driving car is disconcerting because it is essentially a robot. However, since we transport cars to California every day, we know that it is among three states (alongside Florida and Texas) to have legalized the self-driving car, and for good reason. Human error causes thousands of accidents each year in the United States. Almost 35,000 people were killed by vehicle collisions in 2012. That figure went up over 5% year-over-year.

The Advantage of Car-to-Car Communication

A new technology similar to Wi-Fi called “car-to-car communication” is well-liked by the NHTSA (a sub-agency of the DOT). The agency has said that they could prevent over 75% of accidents involving sober drivers, noting that approximately 1/3 of highway deaths involve drivers under the influence of alcohol.

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