Developing Alfa Romeo Model to Directly Target BMW 3 Series Customers

Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo is attempting to go after the same clientele BMW has successfully won over in the past. Alfa Romeo is known for its vehicles’ sporty appearances and generally classy reputation – a blend which could serve it well when attempting to emulate and improve upon BMW’s efforts. When folks want to improve upon efforts to find consistent service and low-price vehicle shipping, they look for comparison sites to help filter options.

Quality for a Price

The model being developed by Alfa Romeo will have both an appearance and functionality in a similar vein to BMW’s highly successful cars. It will also be at luxury pricing due to the respect afforded the brand and the impressive quality associated with driving one of its vehicles. Reputation is an important factor to consider when buying a new car. Similarly, it is a crucial aspect when looking into nationwide vehicle transport.

American Debut

The vehicle will probably be available in 2014 – although that is a soft projection, more of a target date than it is set in stone by the company. A spokesperson for the automaker confirms that regardless of release date, it will be available in the United States before it will appear at dealerships anywhere else in the world. When these cars hit the American market, they will be transported throughout the country. To protect them from the elements, many businesses and individuals will opt for covered vehicle shipping, rather than open-air solutions, due to the lofty value the models will have.

Changes in the Works

The brand has been undergoing major shifts in recent years due to changes in the company’s executive leadership. The general effort with this new, BMW-similar model is a decision to move the Alfa Romeo brand toward an increasing number of rear wheel drive options. They are adding two additional models with that feature to their lineup as well. Features such as customer service and consistency are key considerations when looking at competing companies on the marketplace, such as a list of auto transporters.

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