Developing Technologically-Advanced Roads

As a company focused on directing consumers to the best and most affordable companies for nationwide car transport, we frequently discuss how cars are rapidly changing. Integration of the Internet with automobiles is creating more intelligent driving that avoids human error, improving safety mechanisms and bringing the self-driving car closer to public release.

Smart HighwayHigh-tech driving is not just about the cars, though. It’s also about the roads. With that in mind, Daan Roosegaarde is developing a project in Holland called Smart Highways. The goal is to implement interactive roadway systems internationally within 3 to 5 years. The way that we drive is changing. Similarly, reliable state-to-state transporters of automobiles can sometimes lose their edge over time. Make sure any reviews you check are recent.

Smart Highways: how it works

Roosegaarde is working with the company Heijman, one of the most powerful corporations in the European road construction sector. The project will enable roads to automatically recharge electric vehicles, make computerized icons visible when roads are icy, and use motion sensors to make streetlights more efficient. New technologies are always exciting, but safety is the core concern of drivers on the road. With shipping, you can protect yourself by making sure any vehicle transporters listed in a directory are fully DOT-compliant.

Earlier this year, Smart Highways won the INDEX: Award, an indication of how seriously it’s being taken. A trial version, it’s first real-world debut, will be implemented on a small section of highway in the Netherlands in late 2013.

The team behind the road system is carefully testing and introducing the service, making sure they are prepared. Preparation is also crucial with car shipping. Expediting the process with a competitive-quoting platform simplifies due diligence. That way, any shipping customers, such as snowbirds transporting cars in the spring or fall, can check their options more easily.

Solar energy & nighttime visibility

Roosegaarde has explained that he thinks Smart Highways is compelling because it’s fairly simple and can be used on virtually any road. The system, which is powered by solar energy, is targeted at enhancing the safety of night driving. Visibility would be improved, while use of streetlights would be reduced. Like safety and energy efficiency in roads, finding reliability and cost-effectiveness in carriers should be prioritized when researching car transport to another state.

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