Don’t Forget to Thank Your Carrier!

Safety on the road is our biggest concern when helping consumers ship a car to another state. Truck drivers play an important role in society. They work long hours with little to no excitement to help them stay awake. They listen to the drone of the engine mile after mile while watching the lines of the highway begin to blur together. Many drivers leave their families and loved ones at home for weeks at a time when transporting cargo across country.

Safety Regulations

Government regulations dictate the amount of time a driver can spend on the road. The hours of service regulations mandated by the DOT read, “The hours-of-service regulations focus on when and how long you are allowed to drive by placing spe¬cific limits on the amount of time you drive your truck and how many total hours you can work before you are no longer permitted to drive a commercial motor vehicle. You must follow three maximum duty limits at all times. They are the 14-hour duty limit, 11-hour driving limit, and 60/70-hour duty limit.” For more information click here.


Research shows that driving long distances after working increases the incidence of crashes. There are many reports of fatal crashes on the roadways after drivers have been working long shifts. In May of 2012, workers coming off a 10 hour shift at a natural gas well got in their company truck to drive back to their drilling service company’s shop, just over 4 hours away. As they were approaching the town, they got into a fatal crash killing the driver. Read more about this story here.

Experience Matters

It is important to remember the importance of finding a reliable and responsible carrier when moving your car. Be mindful of cheap prices and drivers that push the limits. If a carrier does not have experience with your brand/model and specifications of your vehicle you may pay the price.

When transporting unique, special edition and classic cars it is best to use a carrier that is familiar with his route and the specifications/limitation of your vehicle. Many high end sports cars have low clearance and are at an increased risk when being loaded and unloaded. Other classic have specifics with how they should be tied down in order to prevent damage. Having an experienced driver is best to protect your vehicle.

We Can Help!

We can help you get the carrier that suites your budget, specifications, and logistics. Our instant quote generator (on upper left of the page) provides pricing information for up to 6 to 8 quotes from reliable, licensed, bonded and insured companies. We only work with the highest rated carriers. This ensures your car is properly taken care of and delivered on time. We take the headache out of shipping your car!

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