Driverless Cars in California? No Way!

Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed into law a bill that regulates performance and safety standards for driverless cars. Gov. Brown is known as someone who loves regulations and this is one reason many say that California is struggling economically while many of their businesses take off for more pro-business states such as Arizona and Texas. But this is one law that will not lead to job losses. Furthermore, the law that could potentially have far-reaching ramifications for the automotive industry over a period of time was signed at Google’s offices in Mountain View.

Google has pushed forward towards the technology that leads to autonomous vehicles, and now the legal barriers have been cleared to put that technology to work with effect from January 1st, 2013. Gov. Brown himself took a test ride in a self-driving car before he signed into law new regulations and safety standards for autonomous vehicles.

Exciting Automotive Future

Some of auto transport’s leading brokers and companies believe that the automobile industry as well as the auto shipping industry is destined for exciting times in the near future. Technology-friendly vehicle hauling companies will be able to seize the initiative and match up to the new technological standards set by the automobile industry. Technology will also help bring down the price for shipping a car, and create a win-win situation for both the consumer and the auto moving company.

Companies with state of the art technologies enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They are able to improve energy efficiencies, bring down operational costs, minimize shipping glitches, and deliver the best value for money to the consumers. With the automobile industry set to take the next big leap with driverless cars, it is likely to result in a wave of innovations in associated industries which will impact the many auto transport services. Auto transport carriers technologies will eventually merge with the new automotive technologies, creating greater business opportunities for many companies.

Advantages of Driverless Vehicles

Autonomous driving technology will help achieve a reduction in highway automobile accidents and fatalities. It will contribute to a cut down in traffic congestion and pollution levels. Driverless cars are also likely to widen the mobility options for physically challenged and elderly people. And how about people who are drunk?

Google’s fleet of driverless vehicles has already completed more than 300,000 test miles on the roads and highways in California. Google believes that self-driving cars have the potential to transform lives and communities. They will deliver transportation to those who are currently not served, improve road safety, and turn parking into parklands.

Expanding Opportunities for the Auto Industry

According to a report released by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, in less than three decades, autonomous, driverless vehicles will account for up to 75% of all vehicles on the road. The anticipated increase in the total number of vehicles due to this technology can offer new opportunities for the shipping companies. It may make it easier for consumers to avail of terminal to terminal auto transport services rather than door to door car shipping services.

A Leading Shipping Company

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