Driving Population Aging, Feminizing

New Study Released

Women Now Dominating the Roadways!The automobile industry is reeling from the shocking findings of a scientific study conducted at the Transportation Research Institute of the University of Michigan. In a nutshell, more women than men now have driver’s licenses; the average age of a driver is rapidly increasing as well. This trend holds demographic clues for the entire auto industry – for instance, companies moving cars across the country could perhaps benefit from an increased focus on the needs of female consumers.

Women take part in four out of every five automobile purchases and are the primary buyer of 50% of American car sales. Looked at in terms of driver’s license holders, women are now at 106 million versus men at 104 million. Men dominate the population of driver’s license holders among the young and up to the mid-40s. Women represent a greater number of license holders at age 46 and above. Part of this statistic is due to greater longevity among females. When folks need to take a look at the numbers to compare quotes to move a car, a site that pulls in rates from various companies can be helpful.

Aging License Holders

Youth is now associated with lesser likelihood to have a license. The rise in age of the average driver, like the rise in the female-to-male ratio, changed drastically over the course of 15 years – between 1995 and 2010, the two different years during which statistics were compiled for analysis. Looking at numbers is one thing. Understanding them is another. For this reason individuals and businesses enjoy easy access to third-party perspectives on car movers.

Men & Internet Usage

The study suggests that men are conducting more business online, which means that they are less likely to need to go to a brick and mortar store or otherwise need to move around in the physical world. This assumption is a little far-fetched because it still seems that men would want to be legally capable of driving, even if they didn’t need to regularly go long distances in a vehicle. Whether for one-time moving of a vehicle or for a more developed relationship with a vehicle transporter, people like to compare options before entrusting a company with valued property.

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