Electric and hybrid vehicles hit highest
sales figures ever

Green Car Sales UpWe frequently cover electric car news at Autos In Transit. Because we are the United States’s first choice for quotes on nationwide, cross-comparison auto shipping, many of our customers own electric vehicles (EVs). Anytime an EV needs to get across the country, transport is necessary because a national plugin infrastructure does not yet exist.

For that reason, we are excited for more reasons than one to see the electric car market substantively expanding. Automotive sales have been high in general throughout the summer, but August was a particularly impressive month for electric cars and hybrids.

Often when consumers shop for cars, they look for the latest ratings and reviews. Shopping for an automotive transporter is similar to car shopping: it’s crucial to look over reviews for a number of different auto carriers prior to making your choice.

August 2013: best month ever for green cars

Autodata Corp., a company that keeps records of industry-wide automotive sales, put the number of hybrid vehicles sold in August at just under 55,000. That amount represents a jump of over 30% YOY. It also is an all-time high.

Another way that shopping for cars and car transport are alike is that both require prioritization of credibility and safety. Autos In Transit only works with carriers and coast-to-coast brokers transporting cars and trucks with long-standing records of DOT compliance.

The figures from Autodata also provide specific details on plug-in cars. That’s a somewhat loose term because it includes both hybrids with the option to electrically recharge (which frequently refuel with gas) and full-electric cars. Nonetheless, well over 11,000 of those cars sold, a rise of almost 150% YOY.

As the electric car market heats up, it reminds us that the cars change but dealer relationships remain. In our industry of long-haul automobile transport, we provide a full spectrum of options, with carrier relationships spanning 20+ years.

Market share & competition

Electric cars still do not make up a huge piece of the pie. Though the August figures were best-ever for that segment, it’s still only.4% of the entire auto market. However, within four years, electric car sales are expected to almost quadruple, making up 1.5% of the market (per the auto data company Edmunds).

Needless to say, electrics and hybrids have a steady and well-established competitor: internal-combustion cars. Competition, after all, is essential to the way capitalism works. We take advantage of that same core principle with competitive quoting. If you want to find out the best way to transport your car state-to-state, we give you up to eight options to choose from, every time. See above to try us out now.